Monday, March 14, 2011


Saturday Jared had to drive to Henderson to see an old friend in the hospital and give her a blessing. We all decided to come and since we were already in the area, we took Jared to the Clark County Heritage Museum. Call me a nerd, but this place is one of my favorites in Vegas. I just love all the trains and old houses.

Waiting for Jared outside the hospital and eating breakfast.
At the museum. As you will see, Adalynn wouldn't put that Sunny D down the entire time. And when did Devin become so cooperative in pictures?!

This red barn is my favorite.

After all that we went to the park. One of Jared's co workers was having a going away party and we made a quick appearance. Jared had to be home for the BYU game after all. It was another one of those really great days. I usually like to get things accomplished on Saturday--I almost feel like it was a wasted day if something doesn't get done around the house. I don't think I got a thing done today, but we spent the whole day together and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Any time these two randomly grab hands and play together I just want to cry. It almost makes up for all the times they are torturing each other.


Kristi said...

What beautiful photo's! I really enjoy viewing your blog, you do such an awsome job.

rachel said...

You should make a photo background out of that trunk shot! I LOVE it.
You are doing really great with the photos!

Kittyrunner said...

How cute! I love all the pics you took! I hope your friend in Henderson is ok. Anyone we knew? We sure miss you guys!!!