Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flying Kites

We used to fly kites all the time when we lived in Henderson. I don't know why we haven't since we moved to this side of town, especially since Vegas can be so windy and perfect for flying kites, but yesterday someone came up with the idea to buy kites and fly them at the park.
These are the kites they picked out

It really wasn't windy at all yesterday so it took a while to get the kites up. 
But eventually we got a breeze and they flew.

 I love having kids and doing these small and simple things with them.


rachel said...

What a great idea. When we get rid of all of this snow. I am going to do this with our boys!

Sean said...

We should do that too. Springs are windy in ABQ. And I know Lexi would pick out the same kite Addie did.