Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Party and Date with Devin

Today Adalynn went to her friend Courtney's birthday party. The whole thing was fun for her--

Devin was disappointed when I told him he couldn't go, but as soon as I told him we could do something special---aka go on a "date"--while Addie was at her party, he was excited. I told him he could eat anywhere he wanted. So he chose the fanciest place in town...

Devin loved it. And so did I. Adalynn and I spend a lot of one-on-one time together when Devin is at preschool, but Devin and I don't get to very often. So we ate lunch and talked.

 Then I didn't feel like going home so I let him choose one more place to go. He really wanted to go to DI. The places we go for our kids! While we were there, though, we found a large bucket of small legos for $4 and I have been looking for assorted legos on Craigslist and Ebay for a while so we were pretty excited to find them. Here are the kids playing with them after we picked up Adalynn.

 Oh yeah, we also went to the party store. And Devin reeeallly wanted these 


Michelle said...

Parker and I went on a date last week. Isn't it so fun. Love the pictures. Addy is getting so big and she's such a cutie.

Brittany H. said...

I love to spend time with a kid one-on-one. It looks like Devin loved it too!