Monday, January 24, 2011

Whipping my kids into shape!

Here are a few things we have started in the past month. Lately I have really wanted to make things better around our home--maybe because I know a third child in on his way (yep, pretty sure it is a boy). But all of the sudden I really want teach the kids to help out more and behave better.

We started with giving Devin chores. I tried chores months ago and it was a pain in the butt--I found it was more work than it was worth. But Devin is very motivated by money and being able to go to the store and get something by himself, so we started chores again. It is going well. There is a lot of teaching...and he doesn't do things perfectly, but he is learning and so proud of himself. He especially loves the chore chart--decorating it and putting an x when he finished something. I want to add more chores but I started small to see how things go. Adalynn is naturally more helpful, but I thought I might as well give her something as well. She helps me unload and load the dishwasher and she is getting really good at it.

I also started a reward jar. More out of desperation than anything else. Devin is a pretty good kid--but some days he just doesn't listen. And he is way, way too rough with Adalynn. Like punches-her-in-the-face and kicks-her-for-no-reason rough. He also will not sleep in his own bed! I have spent way too many nights with Devin sleeping horizontally in the middle (thus creating a letter "H" out of our family).

Therefore, I bought some pom poms and really explained to the kids that when they are good or make a good decision, they will earn a pom pom, but when they are bad, I will take one away. As soon as their jar is filled they earn a toy or some reward. So far, this is working really well.

We have been reading scriptures every night as a family. Sad to say it only took about 5 years to get in the habit. I always had some excuse---the kids are too young, they wont understand them, they wont sit still, blah blah. But a few things happened that changed my mind and we just started doing it. We read about 10 verses a night so we might not finish until Devin is 15, but I am loving it. As soon as we are done brushing teeth they say "Scriptures!" They both like reading their own verses also.

Lastly, I saw this idea on TV and thought it was genius! Usually my kids get super hungry while I am making dinner. But since I am making dinner and annoyed with them bugging me, I usually let them eat something that A. Ruins their appetite and B. Isn't that healthy. So I saw this idea where, while you are making dinner you set out a plate of veggies. Then when they come to the kitchen looking for food they can have those. Oh wow! This has been working like a charm. They are eating way more veggies--when that is the only option they gobble them up.

 Now I just wish I could potty train Adalynn. She is just not ready. When I ask her about it, she gets so mad and says "I DON"T WANT TO BE POTTY TRAINED!" I'll ask her, "Don't you want to be a big girl?" and she practically screams "NOOOO! I dont want to be a big girl!!!!" Looks like we might have two kids in diapers. Lovely


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing! Those are a lot of good ideas. I really like the vegtable tray idea but my kids, unfortunately, are never hungry or so it seems. Every time I go to the doctor I have to feel out a survey and one question asks whether my child eats 7-8 serving of fruit and vegtables each day. I always have to laugh and often I am tempted to lie and say Yes even though I know they don't. Good way to try and squeeze a few more servings in.

rachel said...

Awesome ideas!! We are totally into the marble jar thing--Like a reward jar. I think there is something about boys that makes them just want to beat each other up. i don't get it. The veggie idea is awesome! I have the same problem with the boys coming in and wanting to eat before it's finished ahhh!Isn't motherhood the best;)