Monday, January 10, 2011


Like I mentioned before, December was a rough month for me. There were a few nights I felt okay, so we tried to take advantage of those nights and do a few things together. Jared really did a lot with the kids by himself--made me sad to see my family going out and doing stuff while I stayed at home super sick, but I was happy that they at least were able to continue with some of our traditions.

Decorating the tree

Our community had a little Christmas event--it was really cute. Here we are on the horse drawn carriage.
With Santa. Addie hated him (again).

On our way to the cactus gardens. Despite Devin's expression, he was beyond excited.
This is inside the chocolate factory which is a part of the cactus gardens. This was the first time we've seen people making stuff--looks like peanut brittle.
After the gardens, we made a quick trip to the carousel.

Devin beating Jared at Wii bowling

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Michelle said...

I love reading your blog and I have sure missed all the updates. Looks like the kids still had a great Christmas even though you were sick. I hope you are feeling better.
Today I was going through all the boy clothes and getting all sentimental remembering Devin and Parker wearing them. For that reason I kind of hope you have a boy because there are sure a lot of cute outfits.