Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back Tracking

I don't even know why I am bothering with blogging about Thanksgiving...I think it is more for me, since my blog really is my journal and I look back at past posts all the time to remember things.

I'm so glad I live close enough to my family to see them on holidays. As much as I dislike Vegas sometimes, I realize we could live further away and not be able to jump in the car and be at home in 6 hours (A little less now that we bypass the dam!)

This year was especially fun, because Jared's brother and family met us in Payson (they are from Albuquerque). Jared's other brother Josh also drove down from LA. So it was a bit of a Christensen/Vandruff family Thanksgiving. Here are all the kids sporting some pilgrim attire my sister Jen made.

 My dad did his annual pit barbecue. It think he cooked 33 turkeys this year. You can see there are quite a few cars and people there to pick up their turkeys.
 My sister-in-law Josy, me and Jen.
 This was only half of the pies. No joke.
 Jen and I discussed placecards and came up with this. Jen made them all though, so I give her full credit.

 My sister Stephanie bought the kids this play foam, sorta like play dough, but not as messy. It was a HUGE hit. Apparently they had a bit of fun after I went to bed making Josh some fancy hats.
Holding my niece Avery.
The highlight for Devin was celebrating his 5th birthday.

 A DQ cake--he was very excited to pick out whatever cake he wanted.

The only thing he asked for were these shoes. They are Sketchers and I swear they look like gangster shoes, but he wanted them so bad.
Addie and Lexi really got along this time, which was fun. Here they are checking out the cat.

Right before we left it started to snow. The kids were thrilled and played it in a bit.

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