Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween Day 1

If you like looking at craft blogs, you probably have seen a million different variations of Subway Art. I love it. I have seen it for sale at a bunch of different places, but figured I could make one for way cheaper. So I made one up in photoshop and printed it at Costco for 2.99.

Here it is up on our shelf.

Click here is you want to download it! (It will be an 11 x 14)
And I'm crossing my fingers I did the whole file sharing thing right??
I can just e-mail the file too. Let me know if you want it that way.


I seriously, seriously have not been in the mood to blog. I feel like my life is so busy--I don't know why, I only have two kids and I don't work or go to school, but let me tell you, I am still running around every day trying to get things done. Doctors, dentists, church stuff, photo sessions, and grocery shopping are just filling up my days. But all of that is not interesting to blog about.

Here are three random things that I thought I would mention...

Devin is doing well in school. He seems to really like it. He goes in the afternoon--which is the same time Adalynn naps, so I actually get a two hour break from both kids every day. I love it. My house has never been so clean.

I have been doing A LOT of preschool type activities with the kids. My sister-in-law Michelle just started a preschool and it inspired me to do more things with Devin and Adalynn. She has a cute blog, Nourish the Noggin if you want some ideas. I also like No Time for Flashcards. Cute, cute educational ideas. I have been doing a letter a week. I feel like this gives us something to do in the morning. Both kids are eating it up!

The first week we did "A" and did a lot of Apple activities.

I am a little worried about Devin. He has been peeing about 5-10 times per hour. And this has been going on about a week. He was sick last week, but nothing serious--he barely has a fever and was over it by the next day. But then we noticed he was running to the bathroom a ton. His teacher mentioned he was doing the same thing at home---I took him to the doctor yesterday and they are testing his urine and blood. It could either be some sort of bacteria infection or something more serious like diabetes. I really don't think it is diabetes, because he hasn't shown any other signs (excessive thirst, sweet smelling breath, fatigue), but of course, I am still worried.

I am so excited for Halloween and Fall. I have a ton of fun things planned and will be sharing with everyone. So stay tuned for that...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Never buy a hamster

This hamster is crazy. A few weeks ago we all woke up and he was gone. He chewed a hole in the lid and escaped and we couldn't find him for about 5 hours. I finally found the little rascal in the laundry room living it up behind the dryer. To solve the problem, Jared put a box on top of the lid with a 10 pound weight on top.
But every night he keeps chewing and chewing. (This started out as a really small hole, believe it or not.
Last night I caught him doing this.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This past weekend we left town and made our way up to Utah. We were do excited to see my little brother James, stay with Michelle, and cheer for the cougars.

We left Friday morning and stopped in Beaver where we bought this shirt for only $600 (plus tax). We made it to Beaver and found out we needed all 4 tires replaced. They had some major gashes in them and since we were about 45 minutes to the nearest large town, we decided it was safer to just get them done right then. I get really stressed when things like this pop up, so when the guy came out to give us our shirt (came with tire purchase), I may have given him the look of death.

We made it to Provo, and met up with James at his new apartment. It was so good seeing him! We ate lunch and visited the BYU bookstore.

Later that day we made our way to Michelle's. The kids were so excited to see their cousins! They played all night--Devin and Parker had a sleepover and were so excited.

 Saturday morning before the game we went mini-golfing. I'm pretty sure we have never taken the kids. Addie wanted nothing to do with the whole thing and stayed in the stroller until the end.

Game Time!
We all met up at Chad and Liz's house (Jared's aunt and uncle). Aaron brought his new scooter so we could all ride around the block. It was so much fun. I think if Jared's car dies before we can afford to get a new one, we might consider getting him one of these to ride to work.

 I actually didn't go to the game--tickets sold out pretty fast. The guys went and Michelle and I went home and watched it on tv. It was a good game--the cougars won, so we were all happy.

Sunday, after sacrament meeting, we took the kids to Temple Square. I could really hang out here all day.

Later that night. Devin and Parker were having so much fun in the swing. Justin was swinging them around and I jokingly commented that they were going to get sick. A few minutes later Devin told us "I feel sick." We ignored him, thinking he was just saying that because I just said it--but then he threw up all over the couch! So sorry Michelle! Devin was fine, but next time I think I will listen to him.

Just hanging out before dinner.

 Playing 7-up and Texas hold em. We didn't have poker chips so we used the next best thing, Trix!

Monday before we left we decided to go on a hike up Provo Canyon with everyone (Michelle, Justin, Parker, Halle, Aaron, Laurel, James and our family). We ended up taking the wrong trail and hiked about 4 miles round trip. The trail was pretty easy--except for the people that had to carry Addie's lazy butt the whole way. She refused to walk. Parker pretty much ran the whole way. And Devin did alright. And it was beautiful so it was worth it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School

Devin's first day of school was Monday. He has been pretty excited about going back to school--he goes in the afternoon so all I hear in the morning is, "It time for school now?"
He is in preschool for one more year before he starts Kindergarten, which will be really good for him. It is weird that a year and a half ago he would hardly talk at all and now he is quite the chatterbox and can be so funny--(I try and keep track of the more interesting things he says here). We still have a hard time understanding him and I have to translate for him a lot when we are around other people, but I have no doubt that he will catch up and his speech will be fine. We are all excited about this year and the progress I know he will make.