Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last weekend Jared's brother Aaron, his new wife Laurel, and brother Josh all came for a visit. I totally slacked and hardly took any pictures. In my defense I took my camera when we went swimming at the YMCA, but apparently they won't let anyone take pictures--something about protecting the kiddos from perverts...

The weekend went by so fast, Josh got here then Aaron and Laurel were here later on Friday. The kids were practically peeing their pants they were so excited for Uncle Josh.
Like I mentioned before we went swimming on Saturday. Aaron and Laurel took off to visit her sister and Josh and I went to watch Jared's softball games that night.
Aaron and Laurel left after dinner on Sunday and Josh stayed until Tuesday morning. We went to the Bellagio Monday night and did our usual walk through the conservatory, then trip to the pastry shop, and ended up watching a few fountain shows outside.

The conservatory had a garden theme this time...

 If you are here at just the right time of day (right after the sun sets) the sky looks amazing--learned that when my wedding photography class came here for a field trip.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We have been keeping busy, busy around here lately. Devin has this month off school so I am trying to do a lot to keep him occupied.

Earlier this month Jared took Devin to the father-son campout at Warm Springs. Devin was so excited--he talked about it for days and kept telling me I couldn't come. He also found Jared's old fishing vest and insisted on wearing it...they had a lot of fun cooking smores and swimming and staying up until midnight.
 Making a fruit pizza...

Playing with water outside. See the turkey baster thing Adalynn has in the one picture? Yep, we found that at the dollar store and it has provided hours of entertainment. They love it. They also like making bubble snakes. You just take an old water bottle (cut off the bottom) and rubber band an old cut up dish towel to the end. Dip in bubbles and blow--they can get really long.
Playing with 3-D chalk. I was so skeptical that this would actually work. It does! 

 I had no idea Vegas had an orchard! There is one probably 5 minutes from our house--we had to check it out. You can pick the produce for $1 per pound--they had zucchini, apricots, and apples. YUM. Steph and I had so much fun. I wish it hadn't been so freaking hot because I think the kids would have enjoyed it much more.

Yesterday I took the kids to this matinee. Devin has been a fan of Shrek ever since he was a baby--so we had to see it. There were only 2 other people there so we practically had the place to ourselves. They enjoyed it. It was really the first movie we had taken Addie since she was a little baby. She was so cute. Any time Shrek's babies were on the screen she would point and say "BABY. BABY" While I was there I also learned that RAVE is having free kids movies every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10--so we are planning on going back.
Tomorrow we are going swimming and then family will be in town. Can't wait!
And here are a few random pictures from the past month...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pictures from Utah

Even though I take plenty of pictures of my kids, there is something I love about taking them to someone else to get their pictures taken. I have already taken them to this girl twice before and I just love her work. I have learned a lot from watching her and asking her questions. So when we were up in Utah for Aaron's wedding we took a quick trip to Lehi to get some pictures. It was my birthday and I told the kids and Jared all I wanted was for them to cooperate. Addie had her finger in her mouth for the first 30 minutes and Devin kept wiping his nose?? but overall there are some really beautiful ones and I couldn't be happier. I have tons of wall space in this home and I plan on filling it all up with Devin and Adalynn's face!
 The first one is my favorite of the both of seems like in every picture one looks good, but the other does not and then the very next one they switch. Sheesh!

 Love this one of Devin...

 Pretty sure Jared hates these tights--he calls them her Pippi Longstocking tights (and like always I don't care what Jared thinks! But just about clothes and hair accessories).


 She would not crack a smile from here on out...even when the photographer found her cat and started tossing it around and putting it on her head (while singing).

I just can't believe how quickly these kids are growing up. They can be really tough and drive me crazy but there are so many things I know I will miss once they are older. Addie just wants to be with me all the time! When I leave to go somewhere without her she gets so upset. And its the same with Devin. Devin and I also get in these discussions where he tells me he loves me the most. Then I tell him I love him more than the most. Then he says "I love you the most-est of the most-est of the most-est!!!" I'm betting these thing won't happen with they are teenagers.