Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend with the Searles

Every time we go to Utah Jared gives Michelle a hard time about coming to Vegas for a visit. So they took us up on our offer and came this past weekend. And like always, we had a great time. Devin gets so excited to see Parker--well, so does Adalynn. Actually Parker and Addie are like two peas in a pod sometimes.
They got here Friday and we went out to dinner--then took the kids to the park to play.
Saturday morning we went up to Calico Basin to have a picnic and go on a hike. It is such a pretty area--if you are from Vegas you really should check it out.
 I just think this would be such a great place for family pictures.

 Jared trying to be a mountain climber

 Saturday night we let the kids decorate a Haunted House.
Can you tell three young kids decorated this?


Samantha said...

We need to come visit you too. Sean just doesn't have a lot of vacation time yet and we're working on saving up some money right now to buy a washer and dyer for our new apartment! We haven't really told anyone yet because we still have to past our background check (we're not worried though) but we signed a lease for a new apartment and are moving next month.

Someday though we will come visit you guys!

Brittany H. said...

Looks so fun. And even the crying picture is priceless! :)

Michelle said...

We had a blast and even though the kids were terrible when it came to getting pictures you still managed to get some really good ones.