Thursday, October 28, 2010

Devin's Room and Party

Devin has been asking to decorate his room for Halloween, gosh, since they started bringing out all the Halloween stuff in the stores. Here is what I ended up doing--super easy, and he just thinks it is so cool that his room is all ready for Halloween.

Today Devin had his school party. I volunteered to bring in a snack and help out and this is what Devin suggested we bring.

I went to help with his class party--but really just ended up watching Adalynn. She kept herself entertained with the puzzles--It was fun seeing Devin in the classroom setting. He is so shy! But maybe it was because I was there. They sang some cute songs, and played a few games, then the whole school had a Halloween parade. Devin liked looking at all the other costumes (Mario being his favorite). Then they came back into the classroom and ate a ton of sweets. I'm glad I was able to be a part of it.

A few pictures...

 This is Devin's speech teacher, Miss Kreier

Devin helping make the witches brew with his teacher, Mrs. Dymek

A couple of the kids
(And am I the only one that thought it was creepy that one of the kids was dressed up like Jason?! )

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