Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seattle--Pre Wedding

We've been home about a week, but we have been so busy since we came back. We have had some of our best friends ever here visiting and last night was our relief society service auction which I had a lot to do for. So blogging has been on the back burner. And there is no way I am going to be able to do one post of everything we did in Seattle. I'm going to have to split it up a bit.

Anyways, we had an amazing time with Jared's family and we did so much. Michelle and I agree it was definitely a vacation we want to remember

Stephanie (who happens to be from Washington also) and I decided to fly together with all the kids. Just another thing to add the to list of things these kids have experienced together. It actually made the flight a lot of fun.

The kids loved playing with their cousins and being in the backyard. That was pretty much all we did that first day and they enjoyed every minute.

 The next day Sean, Sam, Lexi and Avery showed up! I have been so excited to meet little Avery. And Sam and I have been so excited to get Adalynn and Lexi together (they are only 2 weeks apart). I had visions of Addie and Lexi hugging and playing together. I think Addie blew her shot when she pushed Lexi off the piano bench and kept taking her toys. Well, maybe when they are three they can be best friends?

She was obsessed with playing in the dirt/bark around the trees.

Michelle and Adalynn

Devin found these old legos in the shed and all the kids really liked them. I have been avoiding legos like the plague.

The cute engaged couple.

Another thing the kids really enjoyed was picking and eating all of the raspberries.
Just hanging out

We actually did a lot the day before the wedding. We cut up a ton of veggies and set things up. The girls went and got pedicures. While we were there a friend of the family dropped off these slushie machines and a soft serve ice cream machine and I'm pretty sure the kids were in heaven. It was a great day with only one casualty. Justin cut his finger cutting onions and had to get a few stitches.

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Michelle said...

I had no idea you were even taking a lot of these pictures. They are amazing. I really love the one of Addie and Parker picking raspberries.