Wednesday, August 4, 2010

About 4 weeks ago, Devin broke our tv. He told us he wanted it in his room and was trying to take it off our dresser to put it there. So glad it didn't land on him-that sucker is heavy.

A week after that Adalynn put some change in the cd player in the car and now nothing works--the radio, clock, and cd player are shot.

2 weeks ago "someone" totally broke the fruit drawer in the fridge. Like almost in half. You wouldn't think so, but those can be expensive to replace.

And then last week Devin ripped the blinds off the wall, breaking them in half.

I was bracing myself for what they were going to destroy this week. Not that this was their fault, but Monday our car broke down. I was with the kids and it just stopped right in the middle of a busy street.

We paid for the car yesterday (it was the alternator)

Then I paid our $250 power bill.

I am so glad we are leaving for Seattle in the morning--I really need a break (no pun intended).


Spencer and Sara said...

I hope the trip goes smoothly!!!! have fun!
love you guys.

Anonymous said...
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Valerie Christensen said...

That last comment was..weird!