Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I bought (and finished) this last night.
Which might be the reason why my house is such a disaster.
And also why the kids watched way too much TV yesterday.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seattle--The rest of the week

My last Seattle Post! I think this is post #4--so yes, we did a lot and had so much fun!

Wednesday Justin and Michelle left, which was a little sad, especially for the kids. I had a few hours to kill since Jared was taking them to the airport, so I met my wonderful and hilarious friend Calley (and her daughters Summer and Abby) for a play date. Calley and I taught together for 2 years in Lehi and I haven't seen her in almost 3 years--which is way too long! She is from Washington so thankfully we still get together when we visit. I left my camera in the car so I didn't take any pictures! Our kids were running around like wild animals though so I'm not sure I could have gotten a picture anyways.

After our play date I took Devin and Addie to the cutest petting zoo. Then they played at the park. Jared met us on his way home from the airport and the rest of the day we just hung out. Jared's dad watched the kids so we could go to a movie at night which was nice. We hardly ever go out with just us--a disadvantage to not having family around.

Thursday was finally nice enough to take the kids to Jetty Island. Actually, from about 10-11 is was chilly and foggy. But then it warmed up--I have really gotten used to the desert. Even though it did warm up a bit, I never took my sweatshirt off.

My 3 kids. Seriously, take Jared to the beach and he becomes a little child. He was determined to dig an enormous hole while we were there. He did a pretty good job--

We went to Jetty Island with one of Jared's old friends and her two kids. You can see her son (his head anyways) below.

Friday we took the kids to the Woodland Park Zoo. Every time we take the kids to the zoo it gets better. I think one of the first times we took them they couldn't care less about the animals .Of course that happened to be the time we were at the San Diego Zoo (which is amazing and a little expensive--so, yes, a total waste of money). This time both kids really enjoyed it.

We left Saturday--Just a few pics of the kids and their grandparents.

Seattle--Monday and Tuesday

Monday the whole gang headed out to Seattle. We are such creatures of habit--every time we visit here we do the same things (and in the same order) and we enjoy it every time.
Our first stop was to the Locks, a place Jared's mom loved. I probably won't explain this very well, but the locks are where the lake and ocean meet. Boats pull up into the canal, they shut the gate, and the water level rises or falls depending on which way they are going. It is fun to watch.

If you walk a little ways, you can see the salmon ladder, which is where the salmon pass between the fresh and salt water.
Just a fun sculpture outside the salmon ladder.

Aaron and Laurel (and baby Avery)
Next we have to see the troll under the bridge.
And then we stop by Gasworks Park, which has a nice view of the city and Space Needle, even when it is overcast. Devin did tell me that this wasn't a "park" because there were no swings or slide.
Our last stop was Seattle Center. We rode the monorail to the mall where we ate lunch. Normally we walk down to Pikes Place, but this time decided not to. Instead we headed back on the monorail and stopped by the fountain. We all took turns running up and touching it and trying not to get wet.

As we were leaving Justin and Jared took the boys on a few rides. I think this was Devin's favorite part of the day.
The kids 5 minutes after we left Seattle. Beautiful sight, I know.

Phew! Monday was a long day. We had planned on going to Jetty Island today, but it was still overcast and cool so instead we thought it would be fun to go blueberry picking. Blueberries in Vegas are so expensive and Michelle and I were both excited to pick a ton, freeze them, and take them home (at a really decent price). I think I ended up with around 6 pounds. And they are so yummy.

I look at this picture and think "Where did she come from?" We look nothing alike.
Looking cute. And a little guilty.
Michelle, Me and the girlfriends.
I've made three batches of these since we got home. So good!
Tuesday night we went to a Mariners game. This was the one thing Jared really wanted to do while we were here. He sure loves his Mariners.

I can't believe this was just Monday and Tuesday. I still have Wed-Sat to blog about!

Friday, August 20, 2010

He's Back!

I had to take a quick break from posting about our vacation to announce that my little brother James is home from his 2 year mission to Chile! It's killing me that I am not in Arizona welcoming him home--but we are planning on driving up to Utah in a few weeks to hang out with him. He has about a week home then he is on his way to school at BYU. Love you James!
(Holding Adalynn right before he left)

The Wedding (and day after)

Saturday was Andrea's wedding. Andi is Jared's youngest sister--I think she was like 9 or 10 when Jared and I first started dating so seeing her get married makes me feel old. But Jared and I couldn't be happier for her and Brandon. They make a perfect little couple--Brandon totally fits right into the family.
Here are some pictures from the temple. Andrea looked so beautiful! I wish I had taken a few pictures of the back of her hair because it looked amazing and instead of a veil she had the prettiest flower. Which I loved.

Thank you for picking our the cutest bridesmaid dresses ever! I think this might be the only bridesmaid dress I will wear over and over and over.

I like this picture even though her hand is out of focus.
Andi's Bouquet
Andi and Michelle
Andrea, Brandon, and all the nieces and nephews.
Leaving the temple and on our way to the luncheon
All the kiddies before the luncheon
At the luncheon

The reception was supposed to be in the backyard--which would have been beautiful But that darn rain wouldn't stop so they moved everything to the church last minute. And you know what? It looked really awesome. You would have thought that was where it was supposed to be the whole time. I didn't take a ton of pictures, but the food was so, so classy and tasted even better. They had cupcakes with the cutest toppers Andrea made. The decorations and flowers were beautiful. So overall, it was one of the best receptions I have been to.
A few detail shots
The kids were pretty beat by the end of the night so we took them to the nursery to play. Parker and Devin LOVED Bryce (Jared's cousin). He helped watch the kids during the wedding and they just couldn't get enough of him.
Devin's favorite part of the reception. Yes, they brought the ice cream and slushie machine to the reception. They had to balance all the classy food out with something, right--hence the 7-11 corner. Seriously though, it was a huge hit. People were gathered around it the whole night.
Jane (Jared's cousin) reading to the kids after a long day. When I taught 6th grade, Jane job shadowed me a couple times--now she is in college and plans on being a teacher also! So fun! She was also such a help today. Thanks Jane!
And that was Saturday! Definitely the highlight of the trip. Congrats Andi and Brandon!

Sunday was a bit more laid back compared to Saturday. We went to church and Sean and Sam blessed little Avery.

Then we hung out and played in the back yard. Of course the weather was nicer today--still overcast, but no rain.

Little Miss Halle
We had a family wiffle ball game. Since they didn't use the tables for the reception they figured we might as well use them for something so the guys set them up as a home run wall. The tents became our dugouts. It was a fun game--
Grandpa and Nana and all their grandkids.