Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two years ago today...

...we welcomed this sweet, perfect baby into our family.

And now we have a fun, crazy, beautiful 2 year old.

 Right now I am sitting here not sure what to type or where to start because she has been such a blessing and joy and I don't ever think I could express how much we love her. I just feel so blessed to be her mom.

And now the list of things you probably don't care about but things I want to remember--

She still loves DOGS! I'm having a little birthday party for her next week and it is going to be all dog! She also still loves Little Einsteins, aka her "morning coffee."

Still a little mother. Walks around with her babies all day and freaks out when we see a real baby in the store. LOVES Olivia--the little girl I babysit.

She talks all the time. Different for us since Devin didn't really start talking until after he turned three.

She gets a long with Devin most of the time. They fight like all siblings do--but she is quick to give him a kiss and hug if he is upset. She still calls him "ne nin."
I think Devin is more excited about her birthday than she is. He was so excited that I let him stay up and help wrap her presents.

She likes to dance as long as it is to any song from Alvin and the Chipmunks (her favorites are You Spin me Round and Single Ladies by Beyonce).

Her favorite thing about church is playing with the play doh in nursery. I'll ask her if she wants to go to nursery and she will instantly ask "play doh?"

I really, really hate taking her grocery shopping. She refuse to sit in the cart so I let her walk next to me. But the whole time she is running around like a crazy person knocking things off the shelf and ripping packages open so she can eat. I swear my grocery bill would be at least $20 less if I didn't have to take her and pay for all the things she takes bites of/opens. I feel like when it comes to the grocery store she has definitely received the memo about the terrible twos.

She loves the water. She will totally go all the way under the water and it doesn't bother her.

When I put pigtails in, she says "cute cute" Might have to do with the fact that I tell her about a million times how cute she looks with them in. BUT if I am putting them in and she doesn't want me to she will hand them to me and say "mommy cute" meaning "put them in your own darn hair."

She refers to herself in third person all the time. She will say "Andi (that is how she says Addie) go night night." "Andi want juice." etc. etc.

She has just started dressing and undressing herself. She will be up in her room and come down with a random skirt on, another skirt on her head, and usually something around her torso (most of the time a third skirt). Hey, skirts are easy to put on.

This morning I heard her singing "Happy Birthday to Addie. Happy Birthday to Addie."

She is 2 and I still smoother her with kisses every day.

We love you Adalynn!


Samantha said...

I keep telling Lexi that it's Addie's Happy Birthday. Lexi just looks at me and says, "No way. Wedy's (Lexi's). Mine." She is not excited that it's someone's birthday other than her own. Haha. And I keep asking if she wants to call Addie and sing Happy Birthday and she says no. Sorry Addie. Your cousin doesn't know how to share!

Brittany H. said...

Beautiful is right! I totally thought Claire was so cute when she was born and now I look at pictures and think, "She wasn't so cute after all!" haha You can actually still think your kids were cute! ;) Happy birthday!

Katy said...

Happy Birthday! Such a cute, funny little girl!

I would TOTALLY help you plan your party if I could - I love all that stuff! A dog birthday party for a girl...that will be quite cute! Sometimes I search for stuff on etsy for little ideas for parties and what not. Good luck with that!

Kiley said...

Happy birthday Addie!! So cute! Hadley loves those chipmunk songs too, how fun. Hope she likes her party as much as Devin will!

Chris & Christine said...

Very cute! Happy Birthday Addie!