Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet Bolt

I don't know what came over me, but while we were in AZ my mom asked if I wanted this old cage/aquarium. Devin got so excited and kept asking if we could go to the pet store to see the animals so I took him but kept telling him we were only going to look. Once we were there I totally caved and bought the kids a hamster. We always had a lot of pets growing up and I LOVE animals (for years I wanted to be a vet). I wish we lived in a cooler place with a decent backyard for a dog--I love dogs, but I'm not sure how I feel about them being indoors. Anyways, I feel like a hamster is a good starter pet.

The kids love him. When I asked Devin what he wanted to name him, he told me Bolt (probably because we just watched the movie a few days ago). Today was the first day where I was really regretting getting it because they keep messing with him. I figure as soon as I really get sick of it, I will just let Addie play with him all day and that would probably be the end of him. Kidding, kidding!


Kittyrunner said...

You are brave!! Way to go, Val. Ben killed their pet hamster when he was little. He thought it needed to go outside and get some fresh grass...but apparently it was a little hot outside and he didn't make it.

I just think you're great for letting them have a pet! We didn't have a hamster, but we always had kitties growing up and a couple dogs.

Samantha said...

Sean wants us to get an aquarium so bad. But fish might be the only pets we have around here. Although, I know Lexi would love to have pets.