Saturday, July 31, 2010

Addie's Paw-ty

This will be my last "Addie turning 2" post! I promise! I have never really done birthday parties for the kids. Mainly because at first they are too young to really care and then also because Devin has his birthday right around Thanksgiving which is a crazy busy time of year and most people are out of town. I decided to have a little party for Adalynn this year and invited just a few of our favorite people. After today I still think she is a little young to care, but it was still fun. I went with a dog theme--this girl has loved dogs ever since she was a baby. I like that there are so many cute ideas out there--believe me, everything I did was someone elses idea--I just happened to come across it on the handy dandy Internet and I am a huge copycat.

And I took a lot of pictures before the party and hardly took any during the party--I wish I had taken more of the kids--I was just thinking about a hundred other things and keeping them entertained. Oh well.

The Invitation

I love that a few people were like, "Huh. What? 14?!" Kill me now when I have a teenage girl in the house.

(Cant find it!)

As soon as the kids arrived they each adopted a puppy.

Once everyone showed up we had a dog bone hunt..basically an Easter egg hunt but with dog bones I bought at the dollar store. The bones very much blended in with our desert landscaping and it was hot and humid but it was a good way to kill a few minutes.
After the dog bone hunt, the kids came in and painted their doghouse. I found these at Michaels and thought they were so cute, plus they came with the little doggies I had been looking for. I am so glad all the moms came because there is no way I could have painted with all those kiddos. Some of them really got into it and enjoyed it, and others (like Devin) were done in 3 minutes.

 We played pin the paw on the dog.
I made puppy ears for everyone and I wish I had gotten pictures of all the kids wearing them (most of them only left them on for about 15 seconds anyways). I took these after the party. I told Devin to act like a dog and he really got into it.

 Then it was time to eat!! We had hot dogs, a fruit and veggie tray, scooby snacks, chips, cake pops and caprisuns.

 Next we sung happy birthday to Addie and had out paw print cupcakes made out of junior mints and chocolate chips.

 We ended the party with Addie opening her presents and breaking open the pinata Steph brought.

The goodie bags--I found these cute bowls at the dollar section at Target. We made puppy chow the day before and each kid got to take one home with them. I love the free dog bone font I found--and isn't the ribbon cute!

Once everyone started leaving, JoAnn, Steph and I decided we needed a picture of all the kids (minus baby Andrew) before JoAnn and Ben moves. I swear I took 20 pictures...don't you love what I got?

I think this last picture is the ONLY picture I have of all three of us with all the kids. These ladies are my best friends and all our kids are good friends as well. JoAnn is moving to Utah in a few days and we are going to miss her so much--we have spent hours and hours together at the pool and parks and getting to know each other and I'm seriously getting teary eyed as I type this. Having good friends in a place where you have no family has made such a difference to me. Also, Devin has a serious crush on JoAnn. Any time we go anywhere he will ask "Is JoAnn going to be there?" And the other day we had this conversation...

Devin: Mom, what is a sleepover?
Me: It is where you have a friend come over and spend the night.
Devin: Oh. I want to have a sleepover with JoAnn!
I thought he meant Alyssa, but when I asked if he meant Alyssa, he told me "No. JoAnn."
We will miss you and the whole fam.
And plan on us knocking on your door up in Utah--we are up there a lot.
Just in case you were wondering--(pictured left to right) Andrew, JoAnn, Alyssa, Hannah, Steph, Aubrey, Devin, Me, Adalynn)

(And Steph. Hannah was like this in every picture. Haha.)

Monday, July 26, 2010


I finally updated my photo blog. Here are three from this morning.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Adalynn

Hahaha. Turning two is rough!
Despite this first picture, Addie had a great little birthday yesterday. She was so cute and kept singing "Happy Birthday to Addie" all day. And Devin was way more excited than she was. He could barely contain himself until Jared came home to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Adalynn. Bed head and all.

Devin insisted I make this for breakfast just like Grandma did for his birthday. I think he just forced a new tradition on me. And he demanded he get a candle also.

Admiring her cake.
Instead of making a cake--I was totally lazy and just picked one up from Albertsons. I was so happy I didn't have to turn my oven on.

Opening her presents. My kids have way too many toys so we only got her 2 things--my mom did buy her her fist bike and a doll. And we got her an instrument set and a doll you can take in the bath. The bath doll was a hit (for both kids actually).

 She was getting so close to the candle! Jared had to hold her back. I'm just happy she still has her eyebrows and eyelashes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two years ago today...

...we welcomed this sweet, perfect baby into our family.

And now we have a fun, crazy, beautiful 2 year old.

 Right now I am sitting here not sure what to type or where to start because she has been such a blessing and joy and I don't ever think I could express how much we love her. I just feel so blessed to be her mom.

And now the list of things you probably don't care about but things I want to remember--

She still loves DOGS! I'm having a little birthday party for her next week and it is going to be all dog! She also still loves Little Einsteins, aka her "morning coffee."

Still a little mother. Walks around with her babies all day and freaks out when we see a real baby in the store. LOVES Olivia--the little girl I babysit.

She talks all the time. Different for us since Devin didn't really start talking until after he turned three.

She gets a long with Devin most of the time. They fight like all siblings do--but she is quick to give him a kiss and hug if he is upset. She still calls him "ne nin."
I think Devin is more excited about her birthday than she is. He was so excited that I let him stay up and help wrap her presents.

She likes to dance as long as it is to any song from Alvin and the Chipmunks (her favorites are You Spin me Round and Single Ladies by Beyonce).

Her favorite thing about church is playing with the play doh in nursery. I'll ask her if she wants to go to nursery and she will instantly ask "play doh?"

I really, really hate taking her grocery shopping. She refuse to sit in the cart so I let her walk next to me. But the whole time she is running around like a crazy person knocking things off the shelf and ripping packages open so she can eat. I swear my grocery bill would be at least $20 less if I didn't have to take her and pay for all the things she takes bites of/opens. I feel like when it comes to the grocery store she has definitely received the memo about the terrible twos.

She loves the water. She will totally go all the way under the water and it doesn't bother her.

When I put pigtails in, she says "cute cute" Might have to do with the fact that I tell her about a million times how cute she looks with them in. BUT if I am putting them in and she doesn't want me to she will hand them to me and say "mommy cute" meaning "put them in your own darn hair."

She refers to herself in third person all the time. She will say "Andi (that is how she says Addie) go night night." "Andi want juice." etc. etc.

She has just started dressing and undressing herself. She will be up in her room and come down with a random skirt on, another skirt on her head, and usually something around her torso (most of the time a third skirt). Hey, skirts are easy to put on.

This morning I heard her singing "Happy Birthday to Addie. Happy Birthday to Addie."

She is 2 and I still smoother her with kisses every day.

We love you Adalynn!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just finished!

Couldn't. Put. It. Down.

Do I really have to wait until the end of August for Mokingjay?

Friday, July 16, 2010

A new favorite...

I've read this twice now and really love it. I think I need to get the second one today!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet Bolt

I don't know what came over me, but while we were in AZ my mom asked if I wanted this old cage/aquarium. Devin got so excited and kept asking if we could go to the pet store to see the animals so I took him but kept telling him we were only going to look. Once we were there I totally caved and bought the kids a hamster. We always had a lot of pets growing up and I LOVE animals (for years I wanted to be a vet). I wish we lived in a cooler place with a decent backyard for a dog--I love dogs, but I'm not sure how I feel about them being indoors. Anyways, I feel like a hamster is a good starter pet.

The kids love him. When I asked Devin what he wanted to name him, he told me Bolt (probably because we just watched the movie a few days ago). Today was the first day where I was really regretting getting it because they keep messing with him. I figure as soon as I really get sick of it, I will just let Addie play with him all day and that would probably be the end of him. Kidding, kidding!


We are back from AZ! And oh my, did we have a good time! I always get a little sad when it is time to leave because we all have so much fun there. Now we are home and it is 108 and there are excessive heat warnings for the rest of the week. So we are staying inside and bored already.

Jared drove down with us for the weekend. It always seems like Jared either has to study or work and I get to have all the fun--so I was so happy he was there for a few days. We went out on the lake the first day. Devin for the most part seemed to enjoy it.

 Adalynn was being such a wimp and hated the boat and the tube. She loves water so this surprised me a little. She calmed down a bit the longer we were there, but putting her on the tube didn't help matters.
My dad in his "happy place."
 My dad has been building a greenhouse for a while and this time was the first time I had been home to see things growing in it. And holy moly! First of all the greenhouse is enormous. I don't know the exact dimensions but maybe the size of our last house? Anyways, I kid you not he has around 170 tomato plants and each plant has at least 30 tomatoes on it. Plus he has corn, cucumbers, broccoli, and beets. That is just in his greenhouse. There are a million other things outside. He sells a lot of the tomatoes to a health food store in town--and cans a lot. Devin, my dad and I picked a huge box our last day there and I plan on making spaghetti sauce and canning that.

We had a nice 4th of July. Our friends, the Gartners live right by the lake where they do fireworks so they always have a bbcue and invite my family. I was able to see some old friends and enjoy being with friends and family. The fireworks show was pretty impressive for my small little town--it lasted 40 minutes.

 Addie was again, being a wimp. The fireworks freaked her out. She was like this the entire 40 minutes.
The next day my dad took out to see Eclipse. My favorite movie so far (even though this was not my favorite book).
Jared had to leave early Tuesday morning so we went down to his aunts house (Deb). We went swimming with Deb, Lee, Jessica, Vern, their adorable kids, all while Grammy watched. We barbecued and the kids played with some poppers in the front. It was good seeing everyone! I love Jared's family! And Addie was so cute jumping off the diving board.

Addie was obsessed with the goats and dog. One morning I woke up and Addie was gone. Panicked, I ran around looking for her and found her outside walking to see the "am-mals." Right now there are three babies and I have to admit they were adorable.
Riding 4 wheelers with Devin

Modeling the dress for Andrea's wedding. And the new suitcase Jen bought me. Thanks Jen!

We went out on the lake again, this time with my grandma, aunts, uncle, and cousins on my dad's side. My brother Johnny and his wife Josy also came--they were just in Brazil (Josy is from Brazil) for a few weeks so I was so glad I got to see them.
Our last night we roasted marshmallows outside and made smores. This is one reason why I love being home so much. We don't have to do anything special or fancy. One of my favorite things to do is just hang out outside and talk with my family. It really doesn't take much to entertain us. 
**Side Note**While we were outside Devin kept telling us all stories and I informed him that when you were done with a story you can say "the end." So after he was done with his next story he exclaimed "AMEN." It was cute!
 Right before we left on Sunday. Had to do the 4 generation shot.

I took 451 pictures this time! Sorry if I posted too many! There were so many other things we did but these were the highlights.
And guess what! My parents FINALLY have high speed internet. It's a miracle I tell you! Maybe now they will start looking at my blog!