Friday, June 11, 2010

Pictures from Utah

Even though I take plenty of pictures of my kids, there is something I love about taking them to someone else to get their pictures taken. I have already taken them to this girl twice before and I just love her work. I have learned a lot from watching her and asking her questions. So when we were up in Utah for Aaron's wedding we took a quick trip to Lehi to get some pictures. It was my birthday and I told the kids and Jared all I wanted was for them to cooperate. Addie had her finger in her mouth for the first 30 minutes and Devin kept wiping his nose?? but overall there are some really beautiful ones and I couldn't be happier. I have tons of wall space in this home and I plan on filling it all up with Devin and Adalynn's face!
 The first one is my favorite of the both of seems like in every picture one looks good, but the other does not and then the very next one they switch. Sheesh!

 Love this one of Devin...

 Pretty sure Jared hates these tights--he calls them her Pippi Longstocking tights (and like always I don't care what Jared thinks! But just about clothes and hair accessories).


 She would not crack a smile from here on out...even when the photographer found her cat and started tossing it around and putting it on her head (while singing).

I just can't believe how quickly these kids are growing up. They can be really tough and drive me crazy but there are so many things I know I will miss once they are older. Addie just wants to be with me all the time! When I leave to go somewhere without her she gets so upset. And its the same with Devin. Devin and I also get in these discussions where he tells me he loves me the most. Then I tell him I love him more than the most. Then he says "I love you the most-est of the most-est of the most-est!!!" I'm betting these thing won't happen with they are teenagers.


Michelle said...

I love the pictures. I have too many favorites. I love the picture of Addie where she has her hands up to her face. There is just something so tender about it. They are both so cute and I think they gave you a pretty good birthday present.

Katy said...

Freakin' LOVE LOVE LOVE the first. I would blow that picture up HUGE because I love both their expressions. Biting her little finger? Oh my gosh, priceless.

Love 'that' first one you also liked of Devin - just precious. These kids are so lucky to have such amazing photos of them thanks to their talented mom!

Katy said...

Oh yeah, and the tights are awesome. I remember Sis. Gartner telling Bishop Gartner once in response to his opinion on something "All your taste is in your mouth." HA!

Kittyrunner said...

Such cute pics! I love the clothes you have for Addie. She has the cutest clothes...and accessories! So cute!