Thursday, June 3, 2010

It feels like...

...Another bullet day! We have been doing so much lately--especially the last two weekends, but I have been leaving the camera at home a little more--sometimes it gets annoying taking that thing around with me everywhere. The times I do leave it at home I feel like I can really just relax and kick back (but then I always say at least 10 times, "Oh I should have brought my camera!")

Here is what we have been up to!

  • Two weekends ago we walked around city center. We were all just sitting around and it was such a gorgeous day. I figured it would be one of the last weekends before it gets super hot so we packed up the kids and explored. The place is huge and we didn't know where to go--I've heard there are some really fun things, but apparently we never found them. That being said, I still really enjoyed all the cool colors/patterns/and sculptures we saw. There was something interesting around every corner and I liked that.

  • If you know Jared at all, you know a few things about him. First is his softball obsession. Another one of his obsessions is Flight of the Conchords. He walks around quoting and singing their songs all the time--and he is starting to teach Devin songs, such as "Business Time" For those of you who don't know them, they are a New Zealand band, who had a tv show for 2 seasons. They are really funny--We went to the concert last Saturday. There were three comedians (Dave, Mel and the landlord) before Bret and Jemaine, and they were a too dirty and vulgar for me to enjoy, but I loved the rest of the show. They are hilarious in person--I loved the interaction and improvisation between the two. After the concert, Jared asked if I was going to blog about this? I think he was hinting that he wants it recorded that we went and they totally "rocked the party"

  • We went to a baseball game on Memorial Day with out friends Jon and Robyn. It was hot, but we had front row seats right behind home plate. Fun day!
  • Devin's last day of school was yesterday. Well, until July. He is on an extended school year in hopes that extra time and attention will help get him caught up. I have some really fun things planned to keep him and Adalynn busy though--
  • The studio is finished. I have a few more things I want to do--like get a few more backdrops, but the big stuff is done! I took a few pictures yesterday--I am still working on getting everything just right (the color seems off in these pictures so I need to figure that out), but it feels good to be done.


Brittany H. said...

LOVE the headband! Also, I have to tell Kevin about you teaching Business Time--it is one of his favorites. So funny!

Spencer and Sara said...

I hope you guys come up sometime this summer- I really want to put your photography skills to work when our little one decides to arrive. I love your stuff. But maybe it helps that your models are so darn adorable. Love you guys!

Brandon said...

Im so glad that i am marrying into a family that appreciates such fine entertainment as the flight of the conchords

rachel said...

I Wondered about all those awesome backgrounds. I kept thinking she sure does have a lot of fancy wallpaper on her walls. They look fantastic to me! LOVED THE SCULPTURES and cakes very cool.