Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thank you!

Thanks for everyone's opinion about our family pictures! You guys are the best. I decided to go with #1--I agree with my friend Katy--I chose the one I thought I looked best in...yes, that sounds vain, but the kids and Jared also look good in that one. Anyways, thanks!

Pretty soon I'm going to have to change this to the "Pictures of Adalynn blog." Believe me, I only post about 1/10 of what I take (or less). Most of the time she is either a. In a bad mood b. Won't smile or ever look at the camera c. Looks like a little bum or d. Has a huge scratch or bruise on her face (right now she looks like she was in a fight or something--she feel out of the swing Saturday morning and has a few big scratches on her face). Sooo....when she looks cute and is cooperating I post.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but she loves, loves, LOVES Little Einsteins. Jared and I call them her morning coffee because the first thing she wants in the morning is to watch her show. She is totally dramatic if I don't let her. We have the little action figures and she carries them with her everywhere--if you ask her who her favorite is, she tells you "Leo."

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Katy said...

Love that headband! And her clothes AND love that you've got a little studio now for yourself.

As for the picture, good choice (though as I said all looked good, seriously..) and I'm just keeping it real. Everyone else can be blinking or have a giant blob of spinach in their teeth, but if *I* look good - dang it, that's the picture I'm going with. ;) Ha!