Monday, May 24, 2010


Last Friday we went to Hannah's birthday party. It was a ladybug theme which was super cute. Steph went all out and fed the kids lunch, took them on a nature walk, played games, and made the sweetest little ladybug cake ever.

 Steph went out and bought probably hundreds of ladybugs to give to the kids to take home. I didn't even know you could buy ladybugs, but apparently you can. Devin and Adalynn LOVED this. They just sat and looked at them all day and then at night we took them to the park to let them go.

 Once we let them go they were everywhere...this little one landed right on my finger.


Michelle said...

What a fun birthday party. The lady bugs to take home was a neat idea.

Kittyrunner said...

haha!! I love the pic of Lyss and Adalynn. Addie was much cleaner than Lyss. You guys had a TON of ladybugs. I'm afraid a few of our didn't survive the ride home in the warm car. I held it up to our a/c when I realized what was happening. It was so good to see you and visit for a little bit.