Saturday, May 22, 2010

I don't know. These are all a little random, but I thought I would slap them on my blog real quick.

I was trying to bribe her with a piece of gum, which backfired because then she was being an even bigger brat.

Devin helped me out with this one. I told him to stand behind me and make her laugh. Not sure what he did, but it kinda worked.

Thanks buddy

Right before bed...her hair is almost starting to grow which makes her look disheveled 95% of the time. I WAS able to do a cute little ponytail the other day--it was the cutest and sloppiest thing I've ever seen (and she pulled it out as soon as she realized it was there) but I was just so excited she finally has enough hair to at least make the attempt.


Michelle said...

I love the new wallpaper background. How did you make the floors look so great. I really like the worn look of the floors paired with the wallpaper. It is looking amazing Val.

Kittyrunner said...

Cute kids! I was noticing the floor, too. That's awesome.

Ashley Jones said...

Your studio looks sooo good! I love the wallpaper. I agree with Michelle, how did you do the floor?

Ashley Jones said...

Plus your kids look adorable as always. Great job!