Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010


Last weekend we took the kids to Mt Charleston to go sledding. Even though it has been in the 70's here and super nice there is still snow on the mountains.

Last time we took Devin sledding he hated it! He was cold and miserable and kept telling us "Brrr. Brrr." the whole time. Thankfully this time he loved it. He preferred to go with Jared and every time they got to the bottom of the hill he would exclaim, "Mama Mia!" By the end he was getting brave and wanted to go down by himself. He really enjoyed that and didn't even mind the times he would wipe out.

Throwing snow at me.

She. Hated. Every. Second.
We made her go down twice and by the time she was like this, I took her to the car to hang out. She was happy eating animal crackers and playing with the radio.

Just a few I got of Devin and Jared

Haha. My favorite picture from the day.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Banana bread and chocolate milk

I just had to write this down...
The other day I was in the car with the kids running errands. Devin and I had this conversation...

Devin: I marry Hannah when I big.
Me: Oh really? Well, what kinds of things will you do when you are married?
Devin: We do this (he puckers his lips like he is going to kiss)
Me: Laughing Alright, what else will you do?
Devin: Eat banana bread. And drink chocolate milk.
Me: That sounds yummy. What will you do after that? (I was really curious about what a 4 year old thinks marriage is all about)
Devin: Um, play games and watch movies.

Steph and I had a good laugh about the whole thing.
And a post without pictures is never fun, so here are a few of the two of them.

The first picture I took of the two of them--

At the Flamingo
The Flamingo year later.
We call this one their engagement picture
When Steph was super sick with Aubrey I watched Hannah quite a bit. They thought it was hilarious to sneak off. And this is where I would always find them.
Last summer. Don't you love how she is attacking him in every picture?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Devin Dunked the Dean

This last weekend was Jared's alumni softball tournament. I know, I know--Jared and his softball. He is obsessed.
They played Friday night and won so they played again Saturday morning. I almost didn't go Saturday since the games are not that enjoyable for me. I never get to sit and watch the game--I just run after kids and block them from running onto the field. But I'm really glad we went. They had a bunch of fun games and activities for the families.

They had a bounce house....



Cookies, Lemonade, hot dogs,hamburgers...

and now to explain the title of this post. I am really mad that I didn't get more pictures of this, but I was holding Adalynn. They brought in a dunk tank and put the dean of the law school in there. You could pay, I think $2, to buy a ball and try and dunk him. Devin thought it was hilarious so he asked if he could throw a ball. Jared agreed to let him--and Devin missed. But that didn't stop him. After he missed he ran up to the target and hit it with his hand, which worked, and dunked the dean. I was embarrassed, but everyone laughed and thought it was hilarious (well, maybe everyone except the dean). So if you are ever in a dunk tank and Devin is around, watch out.

P.S. Jared had 2 more softball games Saturday night (with his city league team)


Miss Addie is really growing up! And I'm not sure how I feel about that!

Project 52

Last year I started a challenge where you try and take one pictures every week for a year of you and your kids. It was harder than I thought since I am always the one taking the picture, but I did alright. A lot of the pictures were taken by Devin so the aren't the best pictures at all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Childrens Museum

In November I bought an annual pass to the children's museum here in Vegas. We try and go about once a month to get our moneys worth. The kids really enjoy it--we were there yesterday for three hours, and I know Devin and Hannah could have stayed at least another hour.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Pattys Day

Hope everyone had a fun St Patricks Day!

We did a few things to celebrate...

A few days ago the kids made these. I got the idea from Devin's teacher (they made a snowman which was so cute!) and he really seemed to like it so we attempted to make a shamrock. It ended up just being a big blob, but they didn't care. So what it is, is one part glue and one part shaving cream. I added a little green food coloring . It is fun to play with and it dries very soft and puffy.

Breakfast. Which was kinda perfect since Devin's favorite book lately has been Green Eggs and Ham.
Before school


After lunch the kids played with homemade green play dough. I love Devin's little CTR ring--he got it Sunday and has been wearing it ever since. I asked him if he knew what CTR meant and he told me "choose the right" very matter a factly.


And why not top this all off with a green bath?