Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

18 months


She is such a girl. She loves her babies. She constantly wants me to swaddle her dolls, feed them bottles, go on walks with them, dress them and we seriously never leave home without at least one.

She still loves dogs. With a passion.

She is a talker. Which is so weird for Jared and I since Devin didn't talk this much until after he turned 3.

Even though she is still very active--she is calmer than Devin. I guess I compare them a lot--maybe I shouldn't do that, but I can't help it. But I've started taking her to storytime and she just sits there and observes what is going on. She loves to read with me. She loves any book that has babies or animals.

She is getting more and more difficult at the store. She doesn't like being in the cart and can get out no matter how tight I make the straps. When I try to put her in she screams and fights and arches her back--it is quite the scene, I'm sure.

She goes to nursery now, no problem. And she never cries when I drop her off at the gym (again, not to compare, but Devin was such a crybaby when it came to us dropping him off).

She is a fan of Elmo and Clifford, but won't really sit and watch it for longer than 2 minutes

She is a normal, happy little 18 month old.

Flashback Friday

I used to be a teacher...

I loved it!

I taught 6th grade for for three years--the first year was at Grandview in Provo. Jared's mom actually went to Grandview for a year or two so I thought that was neat that I taught at the same school my mother-in-law attended.
Then I taught two years in Lehi.

I'm telling you 6th grade was the best!
The curriculum (which included Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, WWII, Astronomy, and microorganisms) was so fun and interesting to teach. I love hands on learning so we did a lot of projects and experiments (you know how I love that sorta stuff!) The kids were fun! I totally love that awkward, goofy age--hormones and all! No seriously, for the most part I had great students--I miss them. And this post wouldn't be complete if I forgot to mention my fellow teacher and one of my most favorite people in the whole world--Mrs. Soptich. Cal Cakes. Calley.

Ever wondered where we got the name Devin? Yep, I had a student named Devin and I just adored him.

Mummifying a chicken.

Making planet pinatas.

Greece party

I very much plan to go back to teaching when my kids are older.

Friday, January 15, 2010


My kids love, love, love looking at pictures. Any time anyone comes over, Devin grabs one of the ELEVEN photo albums and expects you to go through and reminisce with him. Addie also loves pictures--especially babies.
A while ago I saw this idea and I thought, "I am totally doing that!" I bought the game memory from target and modge podged the pictures to the cards. Then I just decorated the box. I included everyone in both of our families--and Devin insisted we include Hannah so she is there also.
Addie loves it and is learning who her aunts/uncles/grandparents and cousins are. I was surprised at how many she already knows. Devin likes finding the matches--I usually take about 5 pairs and I am trying to teach him how to play memory but he doesn't really get it yet.

Play Dough Cookies

We made these the other day (recipe here) and both kids loved them.
They totally look like play dough before you bake them.

Downtown Vegas

My friend Christine and I took a little field trip to downtown Vegas to take pictures. These were all taken in the arts district.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Clark County Heritage Museum

Last year I took the kids to the CC Heritage Museum--they enjoyed it and I wanted to go back so we decided to go today. This place is a lot of fun--if you are from Vegas you really should check it out (especially if you have boys).

They have a ghost town with a bunch old old houses and old equipment. There is also a nature trail (and by nature I guess they are talking about the dirt/dust/and the occasional shrub--we did see 2 rabbits though).

They also have a fun red barn--

 There is the coolest train depot and trains which you can go on. Devin loved this part. And I think this would be such a great place for family pictures. If anyone is interested let me know. I would love the practice.

 My favorite part (besides all the great photo opportunities) is Heritage Street--basically a bunch of old homes that you can walk through. Devin really enjoyed walking through them and seeing the "pretend people" and their things. It is just fascinating to me how and why these people lived here so long ago. I mean, no AC. Really?!

 And a few more of Miss Addie. Who will not smile for her momma. But I did discover she will smile for Devin. Awesome!