Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flashback Friday

Devin is going to be Batman for Halloween this year so he was very excited when he saw this picture. Like father, like son.

Luigi, ??, Princess and Vampire a.k.a.
Jared, Josh, Michelle and Sean

Halloween Day 1

I love this time of year! It is finally starting to cool down and there are three great holidays just around the corner. Although it isn't my favorite holiday, I still really enjoy Halloween--so I am going to share a few of the projects/activities we are doing this month.

First, are the scrap wood pumpkins. I saw the idea here. I am seriously such a copy cat when it comes to crafts and projects. One of these days I will come up with a good idea by myself, but for now I'll keep on stealing other's ideas. Anyways, while I painted these--I gave Devin his own scrap of wood to paint (just so he was somewhat involved). It doesn't get much easier/cheaper than this.

We went to Utah

Last weekend we made a quick trip up to Utah for the BYU game. We originally wanted to go to the Florida or Utah game--but both were sold out. So we settled for the Colorado game. We left Friday at about noon and stayed with our friends in Payson. Then Saturday we hung out in Provo and ate at.....you'll never guess.....Burgers Supreme. Then went to the game, of course. A big thanks to Michelle and Sam for watching the kids!

Here are a few pictures from the game

The kids and their cousins, Parker and Lexi.

This is Parker--Michelle's little guy (Jared's sister). The whole week and the whole drive up Devin repeated "Parker's House" over and over and over. He loves his cousin! 

  Playing catch with my baby

Wearing shirts Grandpa and Nana bought them from Alaska

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting my little niece Halle. She is a doll--Jared and I think she looks a lot like her brother.

 Short, but fun visit.


Have you guys ever seen prints on foam board? I think people call them standouts? After I had the kids pictures taken I got these from a guy in Lehi (I got them for free from my session but they are normally like $20 for a 12 x 18). This pictures doesn't do them justice--they are amazing. I thought it was kinda fun having pictures that didn't need a frame, so I decided to make my own...
The campus where I have my little photo classes has the heat press you use to make these. This project was quite cheap. I got a large sheet of foam board for just a couple bucks and the prints from Costco (1.49 for an 8 x 10 is so cheap). The larger prints are 12 x 18, so they are pretty big. The whole thing was under $15. By-the-way, these look like 100 times better in real life

 A close up of foam board.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flashback Friday

When I was in AZ, my dad gave me a cd of a bunch of old pictures. There are so many awful pictures and I seriously think I could submit at least half of them to awkwardfamilyphotos.com (If you haven't gone to this site--you must! Hilarious.)

Here are a few for your, umm, enjoyment?

So many things wrong with this picture.
The hair...
The outfit...
The missing teeth...
...and another.
Again with the hair!?
And if you look real close you can see my young women's necklace. See it on top of my awesome shirt?? Yeah, probably not.
And while I am on the subject of awful/awkward photos I have to share this little number. This was me at college--being a major nerd. I curled my hair with those sponge curlers which was not a good thing. (Plus there is a crazy shadow which makes it look like I have spikes or something). But then my roommates took this picture and put it in the Scroll (the school's newspaper) for my birthday. I still have the newspaper somewhere in the garage. And I am still very good friends with the roommates (Miranda and Laura) in case you were wondering. :)
I think the caption said "Happy Birthday Sexy Mama"

One day Adalynn will have hair....

...and when she does I will be ready with some clippies. I see the cutest little girl accessories all over the place but never want to spend the money to buy them. So lucky for me I've found some easy tutorials showing how to make them. I still don't know why I bother--like I mentioned, Addie is still very bald and she only leaves things in her hair for about 10 seconds.
Meh, maybe one day...

HERE is a very easy tutorial showing how to make these.

To learn how make a yo-yo, click HERE

**And FYI--we aren't moving...yet. We are looking though and plan on moving to the north side of town eventually. I love Henderson but some days it takes Jared over an hour to get home. The whole process is a little stressful, as I am sure a lot of you know. I'll keep everyone posted :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mt. Charleston

Last weekend we went camping with some friends up at Mt. Charleston. This is the first time we have been and I feel like we have been missing out--it is just about an hour drive and was such a nice break from the desert and heat. We seriously left Vegas and it was over 100 and when I got out of the car it was probably 80ish.

Anyways, Steph and I left early with the kids to get a campsite, which was crazy. We had all four kids all while trying find a campsite, get the tents up, cars unpacked and scale up a mountain to get firewood. Then on top of that I had to leave Steph with all 4 kids to drive back down the mountain to call everyone and let them know where we were (brave, brave Steph). We kept looking at each other like, if the guys don't show up soon, we're outta here. Eventually everyone else showed up and we just had a great time.

It really was a nice weekend--once we move to the north side of town we will only be about a 30 minute drive so I can see us going a lot more in the future.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Displaying Devin's Art

I have tried a couple different ways of displaying Devin's art/school work. But nothing has worked and usually ends up in a random piles throughout the house or filed away. I saw this very simple and cheap way to display kids artwork and thought, "I could make that."

Seriously, so easy. I bought a scrap of wood from the store, painted it black and screwed clips onto it. I have seen much cuter versions of this idea, but I like that it is simple.



Today during sacrament meeting, Devin shouted, "Go BYU!" not once, but three times.

I don't think Jared has ever been more proud.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Weekend...

...was fun and busy. Saturday morning we took Devin to Home Depot to make a bean bag toss (You would think we would be sick of these little build and grow workshops but we just can't get enough). Our friends met us there--Devin and Hannah pretty much just played while the guys took over building.

 Devin wanted to paint is red, but in honor of the BYU game Jared made him paint it blue. 

We watched the BYU game! I love when they win! Especially when they aren't supposed to. I don't get all emotional and cry like Jared, but I do love my cougars.

We went to the park

We went here for breakfast Monday morning. Which, I might add, is a good way to gain 5 pounds in 10 minutes.

And we finished the weekend off with a little swimming and barbecue with our good friends. Wouldn't it be great to always have three day weekends?