Monday, June 29, 2009

Lowes (and Home Depot)

I know most of you moms out there probably already know about the cute (and free) workshops put on by Lowes and Home Depot for kids, but just in case I thought I would pass on the info. I took Devin on Saturday, and he pretty much loved it. They give each child an apron and a patch once they complete the project. (I think Home Depot gives pins?--we are going to the Home Depot workshop this Saturday). Each child gets a little hammer and goggles. Today we made a pirate ship. The next one at Lowes is a treasure chest and Home Depots is a caddy (we are signed up for both). Devin had so much fun!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

11 Months

Next month Adalynn will be 1 year old! Oh my goodness, that went by fast. I miss her as a little baby, but this age is so much fun also. Just a few little tidbits about our favorite little girl.
  • She is feisty! She throws little temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Kinda weird to see a baby with such a temper.
  • She has 8 teeth.
  • She pretty much never took a bottle (maybe a few in the beginning). She drinks extremely well from a sippy cup and a straw. But she refuses to drink formula. So I am still nursing--can't wait to be done with that.
  • She says just a few words. Mainly uh-oh, dada and ball.
  • She is always on the move.
  • She loves dogs
  • She loves swimming
  • She loves to eat

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yikes, this is a long post!!

Last week the kids and I took off to Utah and Idaho to visit friends and family. I wanted to have something big to look forward to in June since Jared is gone all day, every day. So this was perfect. We just had way too much fun and I took a bazillion pictures. I totally packed all summer clothes and the weather was wild. Like it would be super hot in the morning, then it would pour and then it was way cold. But since it was Utah even the bad weather didn't last too long and we were able to still get out and do things. Here are just a few things we did last week.

SATURDAY--Left Las Vegas. Stoped in Provo to eat and see Josh and Aaron (Jared's brothers). Walked around campus. I had never seen the Joseph F Smith building finished and I loved it. The courtyard in the middle and the staircase were awesome. We then drove to West Jordan to stay with Michelle and Justin. Devin was so excited to see Parker--they had a lot of fun together. And Devin also loved spending time with Justin. I think Devin really misses Jared, so thank you for playing with him Justin! You are the best!

SUNDAY--Miss Adalynn decided to get sick so I took her to the instant care. I swear I am never going to one again. I paid $130 for them to look in her ears and tell me she was fine. Ughhhh. But I really was worried that she had something terrible. She was better better by Monday (of course).

 MONDAY--Justin, Michelle and I took the kids to the zoo. Such a fun day!

 TUESDAY--I really lucked out and was able to attend the Uquirrh Moutain Temple open house. Beautiful temple. Beattiful view. I have never been to an open house before, so it was a great experience for me. I took both kids--Devin kept running off and I had to stop myself from yelling "Devin, STOP" because we were in the temple after all. And after the zoo and walking up and down about 10 flights of stairs, I was sure Michelle would go into labor--but last I heard, no bebe.

WEDNESDAY--I took the kids to get their pictures taken in Lehi. Then we drove to Salt Lake to meet my best friend Miranda and her 4 kids at the children's museum. The kids played and played, while Miranda and I talked and talked. We spent the night with her. Devin just loved her children and who wouldn't? They are the sweetest kids. And I cant even tell you how great Miranda is.

THURSDAY-SATURDAY--We drove up to Rexburg. Sean (Jared's brother), Sam and Lexi live there. And Jared's sister Andrea. What a blast from the past! Things have changed a lot since Jared and I graduated in 2001--back when it was Ricks. We walked around the campus, took the kids to the park, visited the duck pond, and played the wii. Oh man, does Devin like the wii. Again, thanks Sean for playing with him. One day Devin will have a father again, but for now I am so glad he has uncles to fill the void.

 SUNDAY--On our way home the weather was nice and the kids were awake and happy so we stoped in Tremonton to visit Pam's grave (Jared's mom). I didn't realize until we got home that it was 6 years ago today that she passed away.

 So that is it. It was fun and busy, and although I had the best time we were ready to come home. The kids are the best travelers so that made it do-able.. I really wouldn't have done it if I thought for a second that they would be bad.