Thursday, December 3, 2009


Phew! We are having some weird computer problems here in the Christensen home. Our Internet only works on Jared's laptop--but I would much rather just use our desktop so we have tried just about everything to fix it but no luck so far. But I have so much to blog about! So I'll start with our Thanksgiving.
The kids and I flew down the Sat before just to spend a little extra time with the family (and drive my parents crazy I'm sure). Jared had to work Wednesday so he left after work and made the drive.

 We spent the first few days making friends with the goats, chickens,pigs, and Zeke and...
...being outdoors and exploring a lot!

Thanksgiving day was perfect--lots of wonderful food and family. My dad did his annual pit bbque (he cooked around 30 turkeys this year) which I promise makes the most delicious and moist turkey you will ever eat. My aunt came with her kids and I LOVED it! They are the sweetest kids and they pretty much watched and entertained Devin and Adalynn Thursday-Sunday.

(I made these place cards from a tutorial I found on Tip Junkie)

Some pictures of my family
My dad (left) and Grandpa (right)


And a holiday isn't complete at my house until we bust out the guns--Jared and Devin had fun with the paintball gun--Addie hated it!

 I hope this doesn't offend anyone

Have you guys seen the cute Matilda Jane knot dresses? They are so cute! And super expensive. I found one on ebay for a great deal for when Adalynn is 2 and I love it! Anyways, a few weeks ago when I was playing online I found a pattern for the same style dress--so I bough the pattern and with my mom's help made this dress...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
A post about Devin turning 4 coming soon!


Samantha said...

I love those first two pictures. AMAZING! And Val your hair looks so long. And I think the paintball target is hilarious. And holy turkeys. 30 turkeys? For real? And I LOVE Addie's dress! Great job. Since there are going to be four grand daughters now, I want to dress them all alike! I can see the matching dresses now! Haha.

Sean said...

Sometimes you just need to shoot some terrorist, if you know what I mean. I'm sure Val knows what I am talking about. Shooting terrorist, ha ha ha.