Thursday, December 3, 2009

Devin turns 4

Devin was so excited for his "bir-bay" (birthday) this year. He has been obsessing over it for at least a month. One day, earlier this month, I snuck up on him and he had the Toys R Us ad he was pointing to every toy saying, "My bir bay, my bir bay, my bir bay..."

His birthday was the day after Thanksgiving so we had a big family party for him while we were in AZ.
We bought some plates, napkins and cups from the dollar store and every day we were in AZ he set the table with them--

Birthday breakfast

 When I asked him what he wanted to do at his party he told me he wanted a pinata--which was perfect because I still had tons of leftover Halloween candy!

Spongebob ice cream cake. As you can see we really didn't have a theme--Devin didn't care and neither did I.

I brought cupcakes into Devin's class this week--he was so cute and excited to pass them out to all of his friends. When they sang to him he totally put his head down and wouldn't look at anyone. Shy little man. He didn't show it but I know he was loving it!

It was a good day!
4 years have just gone by too fast!


Sean said...

That is so cute that he gets so excited. I love that he was looking at the ads. It's exciting to think that one day Lexi will get that excited about holidays and gifts.

Calley said...

Oh Vallie you are the cutest. I have MISSED your blog posting, you have no idea! Happy (late)Birthday Devin! I still remember when he was born...memories...PS are you coming to Seattle or what?!

rachel said...

Happy Happy Birthday Devin! Fun!!

Kittyrunner said...

Yay Devin! It looks like he had such a fun birthday--so cute! You've been a busy blogger. Alyssa loved seeing all the pictures of Devin and Adalynn. I'm glad you could be with your family for Thanksgiving!