Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at Last

Wow. Halloween has come and gone and now it is November! The next two months are my favorite time of year so I am excited!
I feel like our Halloween lasted three days long--Devin had a school party on Thursday morning. I have never seen that kid more excited to go to school. I'm not really sure what they did, but he came home with a bunch of treats and a spider hat.

 Thursday night was our ward Trunk or Treat. All day Devin had to remind me that today there were TWO Halloween parties--he was sure excited.

 Someone from our ward had this ride--Devin rode it over and over and over. He loved it. (and p.s. Jared is such a bummer--the first thing he pointed out was what a liability this ride was. Which by the way he does all the time. Thank you law school)
Oh but I should point out that there was no way to strap the kids in and one kid did fall out! So maybe Jared has a point.
 Friday I took the kids to the Bass Pro shop because I head they were doing trick or treating around the store. Adalynn took a break from the being a ladybug to wear Devin's old chicken costume-

 And Saturday was Halloween. Jared had softball games (where he had quite a few home runs!) . We then had dinner and went trick of treating with the Sorenesons. I am so mad I didn't bring my video camera. Devin and Hannah were craaaazy! They were sprinting from house to house--they looked like two wild animals. It was hilarious.

Addie was also into it at first. I'm pretty sure she even said "Trick or Treat" and told one woman "Thank you"


Calley said...

Hooray! What a climatic post. I'm glad you guys had fun, and the kids look cute cute cute. And Addi is the biggest child prodigy these days! Thank you? Trick or treat?! That's awesome. Sometimes I worry about Abby because she's not nearly as verbal as Summer was at this age...but alas...every child is different.

Kittyrunner said...

Cute pictures! Alyssa loved seeing Hannah, Devin and Adalynn in their costumes. Glad they all had fun!

Laura Pants said...

K Val - I don't know if I have said this before, but every time I read your blog I am always like "Val is seriously the awesomest mommy ever!"
No joke... you make me look like crappy-crap-craperson mom. Way to take the month of October to the max! I honestly don't know how you do it, because it is all that I can do to just survive the day without anyone or anything broken... Maybe it has more to do with the insanity of my children than my loserness, but whether it is true or not, I am going to stick to that story to ease my guilt;)

rachel said...

I love your photos. Some very cute costumes! What a happy halloween you had!!