Monday, October 26, 2009

Primary Program

Sunday was our wards primary program.
Devin's part was "Say I am sorry." (All of the sunbeams said something they could do to strengthen their families).
Because I am in junior primary I was there to see the practices. So the first time Devin went up to do his part our primary president whispered to him, "Say I am sorry." Devin looked a little confused like, "What did I do?" Then she whispered again, "Say I am sorry." I think then he told her "no". She tried one more time and he bowed his head and said "sorry" (which sounded more like rar-ree). I think he thought he was in trouble and we were making him apologize to everyone. It was so funny.

It was a wonderful program. Devin didn't do his part, but I figured he wouldn't. My students were awesome--the music was great--and it was the first sacrament meeting in a looong time where I didn't have two kids hanging all over me.


TheLipp said...

so....if he didn't do his part...who did?

Kittyrunner said...

That's funny, but sad too. Hopefully it doesn't scar him from ever wanting to speak from the pulpit again. :)

rachel said...

I LOVE this. He is so cute. It's all on how we see things. That would be a tough talk to give!!