Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jared Christensen Esq

Congrats Jared!
Now if you will excuse me while I celebrate!

Congrats to Daniel, Matt and Matt also!!!


Jamie said...

HOORAY!!! That's awesome!

Kittyrunner said...

This is so awesome!! Yahoo!!

Brittany H. said...

AHHHHH! Congrats!!! I'm so freakin' happy for you guys!

TheLipp said...


rachel said...

Congratulations Jared!! and you to Val-I know what the spouse of a bar taker goes through!! Way to go !

Laura Pants said...

Fin-al-ly... Jeez Jared what was all that school and studying crap about? You would think you were trying to be a lawyer or something!
J/K Congrats!!!!!
So happy for you Jared(but more happy for you Val, cuz single parenting sucks!)
Miss you guys - come and see us someday!