Saturday, March 28, 2009

San Diego Zoo--Day 5

The last day (well, it wasn't really the last day. Monday night we stayed in Riverside and Jared interviewed with a judge Tuesday morning) we went to the San Diego Zoo. Which is a pretty fabulous zoo, I must say. I took a lot of pictures of the animals, but I wont bore you with those.

I read this sign and thought, "Hmmm....could this better describe Devin?" No, it really couldn't. We might just have to start calling Devin Mandazzi.
You know how when you take your kids to something really fun and you are so excited and think "They are gonna LOVE this!!!!" Devin didn't really seem to care all that much. There were a few animals he was excited about and his mood definitely improved by the end of the day. But for sure the highlight of the day was buying him the cotton candy. Addie even tried a little. I guess my point is, we could have saved a bunch of money and just bought them cotton candy. (Jared and I still had a great time).

I am so glad we were able to go on this little vacation as a family. This has been a rough semester. Jared has a night class two nights a week and I have class Thursday night, so most weeks we don't even see each other until Friday night. We miss him. And the next four months aren't going to be any better. Finals is just around the corner and then it is time to study and take the bar. Oh and he still works part time and will this summer. I love him for working so hard. But I'm not gonna lie some days I feel like I might have a nervous breakdown or something. And then I feel really sad that he is gone so much and is missing out on so much. So this trip gave us some awesome time together as a family.


Samantha said...

When you put it like that I am even happier that you got to see your husband for a few days. Vacations are the best! And you and Jared and amazing.

Brittany H. said...

The bug picture is hilarious, and probably so true!

Kittyrunner said...

Such a fun trip!! I'm glad you could spend so much time together. That's the best!

The Shobes said...

How fun! Sounds like you got some good quality time together. I love pictures. The bug one is hilarious. And how did the interview go?

rachel said...

Good Times!! SAN DIEGO would be an awesome place to clerk! Best of luck!