Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disneyland Day 1

For Jared's spring break we decided to go to California. We had way too much fun. We spent the first day at Disneyland and tried to do as much as possible. Actually--looking back, I am surprised that we did as much as we did. It was a good day to go--it was nice weather and not too crowded. Devin seemed to enjoy it. He loved the Buzz Lightyear ride (we rode that about 5 times). He hated splash mountain (I wish, wish, wish we had just bought the picture they try and sell you--Devin looked absolutely terrified)

I took way too many pictures--here are a few from Day 1.

At the entrance
Yeah, I have about a hundred pictures of this smile. Sheesh! Riding the Buzz Lightyear ride...he loved it. Addie? Not so much. He also really liked the Autopia ride. Lots of bonding time with Adalynn while Jared took Devin on a ride. Meeting the gang. And not too impressed. (Well Jared looks happy).
It was a fun and busy day. Devin was so incredibly tired by the end of the day.

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Samantha said...

First, I don't think you can take too many pictures. Second, Addie's hat is adorable! Thrid, A day at Disneyland is a great way to get your kids to sleep at night.