Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm thinking Adalynn is aspiring to be the next octomom.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

This year for Christmas we were in Arizona with my family. It was technically the year we go to Seattle to be with Jared's family, but with work and the expense of flying everyone up we decided against it.
We spent a lot of Christmas Eve playing outside. The kids played with the animals and Devin learned how to play croquet. Really, now that I am thinking about it it was pretty laid back--we spent time together as a family playing, talking and eating.

 We also made gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve. Devin has been asking all month when we were going to make them so he was just giddy! And Adalynn was happy stuffing her face with all the candy.

 This was our house. I had an idea to make stained glass windows out of candy for the side windows and put some lights inside our house. I think it turned out great-

 Mom and Stephs house--turned out very cute!
And Jen, Johnny and Josy's house (with supervision from Emily). Jen's house is always the most creative by a long shot. Last year she had the redneck house. This year they had a Castaway/desert island theme going on.

Christmas morning was great! Jared and I both agree that this has been the most fun Christmas. Devin was just so into it. He left Santa cookies and water by himself and came up to me at about 8:30 and told me goodnight. That is so not Devin. Anyways Devin loved opening his presents--and got some toys he has been wanting. Addie didn't care too much but she LOVED her baby and stroller. She pushed that thing around all day.

 We spent the rest of the day playing with toys, talking, knitting, and eating (my mom always makes prime rib for Christmas and it is amazing). My brother James called home (he is serving a mission in Chile) and we all got to talk to him. He is doing well and sounds so happy. My sister and I have this crazy tradition where, when I come home to visit, we always watch a cheesy movie in my parent's room--my mom used to order the feature films for families and they are usually so bad. They always have a good message and all but the acting is just terrible. We love it. Last time we watched "Just in Time" and I couldn't stop thinking about my brother-in-law Justin :) I also did what I love and took pictures. It was cold outside so I had to hurry but I managed to get a few.

I'm so glad we were able to be with family. Christmas is such a special day. Not only are we celebrating the birth of Jesus, we are doing it with the people we love.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Flashback

Just a few photos from past Christmases.

The Christensens

My little brother Johnny and myselfOur first Christmas as parents. And pretty much the best Christmas ever. Christmas 20062007Jared and his law school buddies at their ugly sweater/dirty mustache partyAnd the rest are from last Christmas (2008)

Have a very merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis the Season

Oh, where to start? We have been very busy the past few weeks doing fun Christmas activities.
Earlier in the month we took the kids to Ethel M, which is a chocolate factory/cactus garden. They decorate the outside with tons of lights which Devin loved. And everyone gets a free sample of chocolate which I loved!
 Hannah and Devin made their own gingerbread men and house.
 I took the kids to the Bass Pro shops to see Santa. They have free crafts every Saturday and a bunch of fun games the kids can play. The kids have actually seen Santa three time already this year and this was attempt number 1. Maybe I am a terrible mother but the crying pictures with Santa totally make me laugh.

 Our ward party was last Saturday. It was a Polar express theme--We had breakfast at the church then the kids performed a song they learned in primary.
 Jared's family had so many traditions at Christmas. One thing they always did was go down to Seattle to ride the carousel. We have done it every year since we were married.

And because we live in the desert we took the kids to Town Square--where they make fake snow. Devin really liked it and was even trying to make snow angels.