Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hell has Frozen Over

I know, I know, Vegas isn't really hell (although some days in the summer it sure feels like it). It has been snowing all day here!

Our front yard--if you can call it a yard.
Getting ready for round 2
Jared's work of art. They came home and Jared was like, "You have to go look at the snowman I built. It is bigger than me!" It really was huge. Good work honey.
I took this without the flash, which is why it looks yellow. But I think it shows the snow much better.


Miranda said...

WOW Ok, I thought you were just bein silly about the snow down there, but there really is alot! Remind you of Rexburg yet? JK Have a merry Christmas! Your kids are growing soooo fast!

Samantha said...

One snowman! The five here at the house couldn't totally beat yours... except they are kinda small and their heads all fell off last night... I didn't make them, Andrea and Sean did. I was the photographer.