Monday, December 1, 2008

4 months, 3 years, and a New Christmas Tradition

Today I had Addie's 4 month checkup. And because I am crazy I decided to also do Devin's 3 year check at the same time. Actually, even though we were there a while, and Devin was jumping off the walls (he really was), it is better than having to go back. Right?

Here are Adalynn's stats:

Weight--14.7 pounds (50% percentile)
Height--25 inches (75% percentile)

Devin weighs 34 pounds (75%) and is 38 inches tall (50%).

And I just love this idea so I had to share. You basically wrap 24 Christmas books and unwrap one a night (and read of course) until Christmas. I has quite a few on hand, but had to check some out from the library to get 25. Oh and you could even do activities with some. I have the Christmas Orange book and I thought we could eat an orange after. And one book I have is about a gingerbread man, so we might make gingerbread guys that day. Maybe I just want to eat because all my activities have to do with food. But you get the idea. I love Christmas and I think this will be a fun tradition while I have young kids.


Rachael Lippmann said...

How are you so creative?!?! I love all your ideas.

Samantha said...

What a great idea! I need to get some more books for sure but it sounds like so much fun.

Kittyrunner said...

That is a really good idea! I might have to try that too. The Thanksgiving pictures are really cute! Looks like you had a lot of fun...except for the drive. :)

rachel said...

PARTY at the Christensen House!! What a fun Idea!

6ix-foot-8ight (Blair) said...

yeah Jeff and I were in the same mission. We had a lot of fun. Yeah you are good to add our blog if you want. I am not sure how it is done. My wife takes care of our blog. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!