Thursday, July 31, 2008

I take it back...

I can't believe I questioned her cuteness. She is adorable! I know it is because I am her mom, but she is just getting cuter every day. I still don't think she looks very much like Devin--we went back and watched videos of Devin and looked at pictures and there are some similarities, but his face was a lot rounder.

Also, she is such a good baby. Maybe we need to give it some time, but she never cries, unless she is hungry and she just seems so laid back and mellow. She sleeps a ton. She is doing great (her jaundice levels were fine on Monday).

I look so very icky in these pictures, but look at Devin! He drives me crazy most of the time, but gosh I love him!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A little bit of Janudice

I was told to take Adalynn to the doctor on Thursday to check her weight and jaundice levlels, so Thursday we headed to the doctor. Her levels were at 10.5, so they decided to make me come back Friday. Friday we went back and her levels were at 12.6. Since they were rising they decided to put her on phototherapy over the weekend. They ordered this bili blanket which I strap to her back for 3 hours then her tummy for three hours. I have to do this all day for 3 days. They are going to check her again on Monday. Hopefully the levels have dropped because it is a pain having her strapped to this machine all day (and night) long. But I am grateful that we live in a time where we have the technology and knowledge to fix the problem. And I'm grateful we have been able to do the treatments at home instead of at the hospital.

Picassa Web Albums

My very awesome sister-in-law Sam just had a baby and uploads her pictures through Picasa Web Albums. Like Sam, I love taking pictures so I decided to do the same thing. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adalynn Ruth

I forgot to tell everyone her middle name. We went with Ruth. I thought it would be Pamela (after Jared's mom) but Jared didn't like the sound of that. My middle name and my mom's middle name is Ruth, so we decided on Ruth. She will most likely be made fun of, just like I was in high school, but there are far worse things than being called Baby Ruth, right?

Anways, Devin is watching TV...the baby is asleep...time to blog. I have a feeling I am going to be blogging a little less these days. But I promised details and pictures so here we go. (I really like to know all the labor and delivery details , so I thought I would share....skip ahead if it grosses you out).

Monday I had my 38 week checkup. Keep in mind the week before I was dialated to a 4 and I was pretty sure my body had been doing something that week. The doctor checked me and told me I was at a 5. Again, they told me any day (argggg). But then she measured me and said I was measuring small and decided to gets things going. She stripped my membranes and told me to get things ready to go to the hospital. She told me that as soon as I have even one contraction to get to the hospital. I hadn't had a real contraction yet (just the tightening braxton hicks kinds) and I was pretty sure it wouldn't work, but my doctor told me even if all I have is one braxton hicks contraction to get to the hospital. I left a little in shock. I knew I was having the baby soon, but I didn't think it would be today. I went home, did my hair cleaned a little, had a nice contraction (no pain) called Jared and made arrangements for Devin. Jared got home, we dropped Devin off and made our way to the hospital. We had a ton of paperwork to do and they wanted to check me before officially admitting me. They checked me and hooked me up to monitors and told me I was having contractions about 7 minutes apart and I was at least dialated to a 5, maybe even a little more. I was admitted at 2:00. My nurse broke my water at 3:00 which brought on the painful contractions. Yep, I had an epidural not long after. It didn't work very well on my right side, so I still had pain, but my left side was feeling pretty good. Actually it felt nothing, but you get the idea. With Devin I progressed super fast after they broke my water--at about 4:50 my doctor was there to check me and told us that we were ready to have the baby. Jared was right there holding my totally numb left leg--looking SOOOOO grossed out which made me laugh so hard. I mean, he really looked disgusted by the whole thing. They got everything ready--I pushed through 2 contractions. And she was born at 5:12. I went fast with Devin, but not 3 hours fast. Anyways, they cleaned her up, did all their little tests. She is healthy and perfect. And I am feeling so good. With Devin I was SORE and could barely walk and just felt icky. With this baby I was up walking around as soon as the epidural wore off, I still don't feel very sore and we even left the hospital as soon as they let us instead of taking advantage of the full 2 days. My only complaint is that I am tired...she is fussy at night. She likes to nurse and that is going well.

Devin is adjusting well. He didn't really seem to care when we introduced them...he was more excited about pushing all the buttons in the hospital room and tilted my bed back and forth. But today he keeps kissing her and hugging her and he is very gentle with her. I think we will have to wait and see how things go, but for now, we are doing good. One funny thing. When I was at the hospital Jared would ask Devin, "Do you want to go see the baby?" and Devin would say "Yeeeahhhh" but if Jared said "Do you want to go see Adalynn?" he would get all serious and say "Nooooooo."

Jared is back at work today. Josh is here to help our for the next few days and my mom and dad will be here Thursday. And then I think my sister Jen is coming after my parents leave. It will be nice to have people here helping. I think I need more help with Devin and entertaining him and not so much with the baby. I am a little nervous about having 2 children. Especially when one of them is Devin, but I am also excited and almost giddy to have this new little girl.

Here are some pictures from the hospital. I will get more up later.

Devin meets Adalynn

I have to admit at first I wasn't sure if I thought she was that cute. Awful right? I mean, I thought she was cute, but she almost looked like a little elf or something. And Devin was soooo stinking cute as a newborn so maybe I was just comparing her to him. But after being home with her today I think she is adorable!!!! I have some super cute pictures of Devin and her together so next time I have a second (ha ha--this post has seriously taken me all day to complete) I will get those up.

Thanks for all the calls and support! Love you all!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008



Our little girl, Adalynn, was born 5:12 P.M. on Monday. She weighs 7 pounds and is 19 1/2 inches long. I will post a ton of pictures and give you all the gory details tomorrow. But we are home and doing great.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Come on.....

Tuesdays appointment I found out I was dialated to a 4. Just like last week the doctor told me "Any day now." I am tired of being I hope my doctor was right.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A little update

I just haven't been in the blogging mood lately. And since my camera lens is broken, I have had to temporarily give up my photo a day challenge. And I just decided that this will be my last post until I have my baby. Here is what has been going on...
1. We had a very fun 4th of July. We went swimming in the morning with our friends Levi and Stephanie. We barbecued later for dinner. Jared brought some fireworks and we lit those off in our driveway, which Devin seemed to enjoy. And of course is it Vegas which means most of the casinos have their own fireworks show so we drove to the nearest casino and watched that show. It was a good day--
2. My FIRST niece was born on the 6th. She was born to Sean and Sam (Jared's brother and wife) and her name is Alexia. She is super cute and we excited for their family. I'm glad our little girl will have a cousin so close in age.
3. I had my 36 week checkup earlier this week. The doctor checked me and told me that A. the babies head is very low and B. I am dialated to 2 1/2. She told me I could go any day which is what they told me week after week when I was pregnant with Devin. But I was happy to hear that I am making progress. I am SO uncomfortable--I know it is annoying when pregnant ladies complain (Jared always tells me "Hey, you are the one that wanted a baby" and I usually respond with "Don't be an a#@"). But I really am so uncomfortable. I am tired and huge and it is HOT and I run after Devin ALL day long which doesn't help. So I am just about ready to send this little girl an eviction notice or something. And yes, Devin is wearing one of my maternity shirts.
4. I have chosen a name. The problem is, Jared won't consent. But, I usually win in the end so I think she will be named Adeline (Adalyn)??? Like Madeline but without the M. How should we spell it? Any suggestions?
5. I had a baby shower Tuesday. The woman I visit taught threw it for me. She is SO nice and thoughtful and I was very touched that she wanted to do this for me. At first I felt weird letting her throw a shower for me, especially since this is my second baby. But she insisted, and since I am having a girl, I agreed. I got some nice things and the best thing we got was a double stroller that a lot of people bought together. I use my stroller ALL the time, so this was such a nice gift.

I can't think of anything else. Until next time...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Welcome Home Aaron!

Jared's little brother Aaron is coming home today from his mission!! He served in the Milan Italy mission--I cannot believe it has already been 2 years (I know, everyone says that, but seriously, these past 2 years have flown by). We are super excited to have him home.

Since I had Devin in November and I was still teaching, Aaron was our manny until school ended. Jared watched him most of the time, but when he had class, it was all Aaron. I always thought it was so sweet of him to watch Devin, and it made it a lot easier on me knowing that my little guy was in good hands. Also, when we lived in Provo, we saw Aaron and Josh at least once a week, so I became good friends with both of them.

Aaron and Devin at Christmas 2005
The day we blessed Devin
Aaron reading his mission call...
And Devin's reaction to hearing that his manny would be leaving him...
Josh was a little distraught about Aaron leaving as well.
Aaron and Devin sporting the same hairdo (Devin's mowhawk was more on the top of his head though)

Bryan HeadThe day he entered the MTC