Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Picture Challenge--Day 13, 14, 15 & 16

"Day at the Park"
It was a pretty typical day--Devin and I went to the park.

I finally found a recipe I like for chicken enchiladas. So yummy!! Devin and Jared also liked them so its a keeper.

"Rebel Law"
Most of you know that Jared's true love is softball. When we were in Provo he would get on as many intramural and city teams as he could, which meant he would have about a game a night. And he was never happier. He is on the co-ed law school team right now and has really enjoyed it. And I have to brag a little because he is still pretty darn good.

I try and take Devin to the library once a week...and I also try and get him to look at the books, but he is way more interested in the movies.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goo Goo Dolls Concert

Saturday was such a good day!! I got an e-mail from the Lili Claire foundation offering free tickets to the concert. The Lili Claire foundation provides free medical help for children with certain disorders. I had e-mailed them for a free evaluation of Devin because he still won't talk so now I am on their mailing list. Anyways, that is how we came across the free tickets.
Before the concert we went out to dinner (I was gone on my birthday but that didn't mean Jared didn't still have to take me out to dinner). I had a free coupon for a burger at Red Robin, so we decided to go there (Red Robin will e-mail you a coupon on your birthday...all you have to do is go to their website and sign up and they send it to you. You have 2 weeks to use it). Did I mention that Jared and I LOVE Red Robin? Here is what we order every time.
Gotta love the Banzai burger!!!

Our seats were alright...can't complain when they are free. First we heard Josh Kelly, who I didn't think I knew but once he started singing I recognized him--I like his song "Only You."
Sugar Ray was next. Mark McGrath was hilarious...he had like more energy than Devin and he interacted with the audience a ton.
The Goo Goo Dolls were awesome!(did you know they were originally the Sex Maggots? Yeah, I think I like Goo Goo Dolls better). They were my favorite by far!
I could probably go on, but I will end it there. BYE!

Picture Challenge--Day 10, 11, 12

"Palm Tree"
It seems like a lot of my pictures are going to end up being things we come across when we are going on walks since Devin and I do that A LOT. But even in a nasty place like Vegas, there is beauty all around us. You just have to look a little harder for it.

"Goo Goo Dolls"
We received these tickets for free and since neither of us had ever been to a concert before (Crazy, I know) we went and had so much fun! I will post more about this later.

"Mission Call"
Oh!!!!! This makes me soooo happy. My little brother James just received his mission call!!!! Like I mentioned before, he will be the FIRST person in my entire family to serve a mission, so it is just so exciting for me. Anyways, he was called to some mission in Chile (I can't remember which one, but I know it isn't the Santiago mission). He leaves in August, which means I probably won't make it to his farewell, but maybe I can figure out a way to be there when they drop him off at the MTC...we will see. Love you James!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Picture Challenge--Day 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9

I am trying to catch up with all these pictures. So...sorry for all the picture challenge posts. I should be caught up now and will probably only post every few days. And I will do other, normal posts, so no worries. Anyways, I am going to do a few in this one post.

Times like this come few and far between with an active, crazy toddler running around.

"Valley Forge"
I just had to post this picture, even though my picture does not do the real thing justice. My grandpa's girlfriend Laurel has been doing oil painting for 3 short years and she is amazing. One of her grandchildren gave her a small version of this picture and asked her to re create she is. She isn't quite done, but wow! I love this picture.

I like this picture in sepia. And I sure love this little guy!

"Welcome Home"
Devin and I left AZ on Wednesday and although we had so much fun we missed Jared and were so excited to see him. Jared surprised me by bringing me flowers, then we grabbed some In 'n Out and took Devin to the park. It was a great day!

"Catch Up"
I was pretty busy today. Anytime we get home from a trip, I feel like I have so much to do (laundry, grocery shopping, checking e-mails). But later in the afternoon, Devin and I took a little walk to check the mail and one of the bushes at our complex was in full bloom.

Picture Challenge--Day 4

My little brother had prom on Saturday and went with his girlfriend, Brianne. Don't they look cute?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Picture Challenge--Day 3

"Uncle James"
This photo just made me laugh. James REALLY liked teasing Devin and I think Devin finally had enough. Gotta love uncles!

Picture Challenge--Day 2

This picture is of my grandpa (my dad's dad). I am very close to this grandparent since he has lived by us for a while and because he is such a sweetie. He is also very talented when it comes to woodworking and building--you should see some of the things he has made. I am working on this fun little project (I will have to blog about it later) and I asked him to help me cut and sand some wood. He got right on it...what a nice guy! Thanks Grandpa!

Photo Challenge--Day 1

I actually started this picture a day challenge while I was in AZ because I figured I would have a lot of fun things to photograph. So I have a little catching up to do.
Devin really liked the dandelions. And there were so many...I'm glad I'm not still living at home because I'm pretty sure my dad would have us out there puling them all up. Even though there is a shadow on Devin's face, I really like this one.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Photo a Day Challenge

So....I am starting something new. But a little background first. For Christmas Jared bought me a pretty nice camera (it is a Nikon D40x)...I had been wanting a nicer camera for a while so I was super excited to get it. It has been fun and a little overwhelming learning how to use it. We bought it from Ritz Camera and when you buy a camera from them you also get free classes, which I have been trying to go to on Saturdays (Really I have only been to a few since Jared usually has something going on Saturday). But in one of the classes they talked about how you really need to just use your camera a lot in order to get better at taking pictures...duh, right? But then the teacher told us about this challenge he saw online called Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a New Way. So I checked out the site, and it looks like a lot of fun. Basically you try and take your camera with you everywhere and you take one good photo every day. Then you post your pictures, of course. You are supposed to try and vary your themes--so instead of taking pictures of Devin 99.9% of the time (which is what I do) you try and take pictures of places you go, something that made you laugh, something you get the point. I am hoping that it helps me learn how to take better pictures. I should also say that I am just doing this for fun...most of the time my pictures look awful. I really have no desire to become a photographer...but I would LOVE to be able to take nice pictures of my family and capture those moments that only happen once. So it begins....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're Back!

Devin and I got home yesterday from our visit to Arizona. And, as always, we had so much fun! My family lives in Payson, a small town about 90 miles north of the Phoenix/Mesa area. Unlike Phoenix my home town is small and since we are in the mountains it is a lot cooler. I like to compare the climate to Provo--it gets hots in the summer and cold in the winter but nothing too extreme (we don't get as much snow as Provo though).

Another thing I really like is that we live on 12 acres, which growing up gave us a lot of room to explore and goof off. My Dad loves to garden and raise different animals. Right now they have cows, chickens, goats, peacocks, and a few dogs. As you can imagine, a place like this is a dream for Devin. He had soooooooooo much fun. I really cant tell you how excited and happy he was. We were outside so much seeing the animals and feeding them. It makes me a little sad that we live in this tiny apartment with no yard.

Devin also really loved my parents. Last time, he was a little standoffish, but not this time. He was outside a lot doing chores with my dad, and at night he likes watching movies with them in their room (I think my parents now know Monsters Inc and Chicken Little by heart). It was cute. I wish we lived closer so he could see them all the time!

Here are just a few pictures I took....I think I am going to be posting more later. There are a lot with Devin and the animals. Most of them he is not looking at me...of course. But I tried my best.

Basically his favorite thing to do was ride the 4-wheeler. If we stopped, he could start signing "more" which is what he is doing in the picture.

This is why you don't take you eyes off of this little guy for even a second. I was talking to my grandpa and literally let Devin play by himself for less than a minute. He had crawled up onto the top of his truck and was just chilling. Gosh, he loves to climb. On Saturday, my little brother went to prom. Which made me feel very old--he is about 8 years younger than the last time I was really living at home he was 11.
..and if my little brother going to prom didn't make me feel old, this certainly did. My little sister Emily DRIVING!
25 weeks prego!
Yes, yes I turned 27! I thought it would be so funny if my family forgot it was my birthday since I was there visiting, but they didn't and it was such a good day. My mom and I went shopping in Tempe--we bought a lot of clothes for the baby. I got some new shoes and makeup from Mac. Then later that night my dad took us out for dinner. And to top it all off, we had ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Thanks for a great day family!!
I have a lot more to post, but I need to go and watch The Office...I am soooo happy this show is back on!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Adios Las Vegas!

No we are not leaving Vegas--at least not yet. Actually, Devin and I are just leaving tomorrow to visit my family in AZ for a week. I really wanted to make it to AZ at least once before I have this baby, and since we are moving next month (we found a great little house to rent just a few minutes from where we are now) and I can't travel in July, it was between this month and June. I would love to also visit in June...we will just have to wait and see. My little brother James is getting ready to send in his mission papers and it is exciting times. He will be the first person in my entire family to serve a mission, as both of my parents are converts. He has always been a good kid and I love him to death! He was also accepted into BYU, but since he turns 19 this summer, he is going to defer and start up after his mission. So it would be great to be able to spend some time with him before he takes off. I will miss checking everyone's blog while I am gone. My parents have dial-up and it is just too painful getting on the Internet. (P.S. Calley--you still HAVE to e-mail me after your Dr. Appt. I will withstand the torture and check my e-mail for you). Have a great week everyone!
Here are some recent pictures...

I thought it was so much fun when we moved here and we were allowed to paint the walls. So I went with this crazy blue for Devin's bathroom. Now that we are moving we have to prime the walls and I am realizing that it is not so much fun this time around.
Ummm.... excuse me? I found him like this the other night. In my bed, watching a movie and eating ice cream. Who does he think he is?
Basically, he is to the point where if he wants something, he gets it.
My new hair cut. I am still adjusting to it. I think I look weird, especially in this picture, but it is so nice compared to that long mop I had. Especially since it has already been in the 90's here and I am getting huge. I needed something lighter and cooler.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Conference Weekend

We were in Utah for conference this past weekend. Jared's dad decided to come down from Washington and we figured it would be a great time to see family. Plus, we have so much fun coming back to Provo (I know we are nerds). We spent all day Friday in Provo visiting friends and family, going to the BYU bookstore, and eating at Burgers Supreme. We watched conference on Saturday and Sunday--and I hate to admit this but I didn't catch much of it. It is hard when you are chasing a toddler around and visiting with family. Good thing we get the talks next month in the Ensign. Devin really seemed to have a good time with his grandpa, aunts and uncles. And I am happy to say that he didn't hit anyone the entire time! Whoo hooo!!!

Watching conference...this lasted for about 30 seconds
Playing outside

Devin, Andrea, and Parker
Devin and Parker. Devin really loves that little guy--he kept trying to hug him and be around him. Which gives me hope that he is going to be a sweet older brother .

Devin and Josh. Devin also really, really likes Josh. Anytime he sees him he gets super excited.

T-Shirt Blanket

Jared's brother Josh made this for me from some of my old t-shirts. Most of them I haven't worn in years--maybe since high school, but I couldn't throw them out for some reason. Josh is very talented when it comes to sewing and creating things--as a matter a fact, he is going to make our little girl's blessing dress, which I think will be very special for her to wear a dress her uncle made.

Anyways, I love it and it is super soft and comfy. Thanks Josh!!!!