Monday, March 24, 2008

Bath and Body Works

I found this coupon online and just went in to see if it would really work, and it if you like Bath and Body Works here is the site for the coupon. You can buy anything, even a cheap little bottle of lotion and you get something for free (up to $11).

Happy Easter

I know Easter was yesterday, so I hope everyone had a nice day. We decided that we were going to do all of the commercial Easter celebrating on Saturday and focus on the Savior on Sunday. Jared's family did this growing up and I think it is a good idea. Anyways, we had a lot of fun on Saturday. Devin woke up to discover that the Easter Bunny left him a basket (I think we were more excited than he was) and then later in the day we did a little Easter egg hunt at Lynn's house (he totally lives in the ghetto but he has a yard with grass and we thought that would be fun). Devin seemed to enjoy the whole thing. Sunday we went to church and I attempted to make a nice dinner. We were planning on watching a church movie, but never got to that. And now that I am thinking about it we never dyed eggs. I had them all boiled and ready to go. Well, maybe we can get to that today.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby #2 is...

First of all, everything looks great, which is a relief. Especially since I am a worrier when it comes to pregnancy and babies. The brain, spine, all looks very healthy. Now I relax and really enjoy the rest of this pregnancy.
We also found our the sex, and the lady is 99.9% sure Devin is going to have a ...(drum roll, please)...little sister. That is right, we are having a GIRL!! We are, of course, very excited and feel so blessed that the baby is healthy. Now Jared and I can start arguing about what we are going to name her...
We didn't get the best pictures from the ultrasound. It is a good thing they know what they are looking for because Jared and I can never tell. But here they are...

I guess this picture proves she is a girl. Is it totally gross that I am posting a picture of her with her legs all spread apart?
I think this is the face???? Or maybe the head.

Monday, March 17, 2008


We just got back from our little trip to Hawaii. Jared's friend Lynn invited us to go free of charge, so we decided we couldn't pass it up. We really had a great time. And Devin (yes, we took him) did amazingly well--he ended up loving the beach. We went out every day and did as much as we could. We played at the beach a lot, drove around the island, went snorkeling, visited Hilo (which is on the other side of the island and is the greener side), we really did a lot. I took way too many pictures and told myself I had to limit this post to 10 pictures, so here are just a few.

This was the view right outside our room. We were staying in the Kona area and were right on a golf course.
Kinda random, but there were always a pack of turkeys walking around. Which Devin thought was pretty cool of course. I said he ended up loving the beach. Not so much at first.

One of the days we drove to Volcanoes National Park. I was expecting to see something like this....But this steam pocket was about the coolest thing we came across.
This was Punalu'u Beach Park, one of the black sand beaches on the south part of the island.

The Kona Temple
Yeah, Devin really liked playing in the sand...almost as much as Jared. Am I brave or what? Putting a pregnant picture of me here in a bathing suit? For anyone who is wondering who this mysterious Lynn is, here is a picture of him with Jared. He really is the nicest guy and is so laid back . It makes me laugh. I am sure we looked like quite the bunch. We had a toddler, a pregnant lady, a 65 year old man, and Jared. Eh, oh well. Alright not exactly 10 pictures. But pretty close. Anyways, I'm glad we went and were able to spend some time together as a family.

**By the way--Happy St Patricks Day everyone!
**And stay tuned to find out it Devin is going to have a little sister or little brother (My prediction? I think I am having a girl). We will know Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A year of Devin

I have been thinking about how excited and grateful I feel to be having another baby. For those of you who don't know, I have such a hard time getting pregnant, so when I do, I feel very thankful and it helps me appreciate everything so much more. We have said many prayers and spent a lot of Sundays fasting for Devin and this baby, and I know that Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and cares about us so much and wants, more than anything, for us to be happy. What a blessing that is!
Anyways, I have been thinking about that and working on organizing pictures and I just cant believe how fast Mr. Devin has grown up..almost too fast. Especially that first year. So here is one picture of Devin from each month until he turned one. I almost did pics until he turned 2 but I thought that might be a little much (Sorry...I know this is probably soooooo boring for everyone. It is just that we leave for Hawaii tomorrow and I am totally packed, the house is clean, there is NO laundry, and I am bored. So bear with me...)

Tumbling Class

I really LOVE the rec center here in Henderson. There are so many classes and at such good prices, I try and take a class with Devin each session. We have done a few swimming classes, a Rock and Roll kids class, story time, and our latest is the Tumbling Kittens. It was really hard to get any pictures since Devin runs around that class like a crazy man, but I managed to get a few. Here they are...