Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Readers Digest Christmas

We are back from AZ. It is always a little weird when I go home because I never even use the computer (dial up is just too painful). So I have enjoyed catching up and reading about everyone's Christmas. I posted a bunch of pictures to the right on our Picassa Album if anyone cares.

Here is a Readers Digest version of how our Christmas broke down.

  • Left on Saturday. Smooth sailing the entire way.
  • Adalynn would not let anyone except my sister Emily hold her the first 2 days. Stranger anxiety? Who knows. Thankfully she got over it and pretty much let anyone hold her the rest of the week.
  • Speaking of Adalynn---if I put her on the floor in the middle of the room, she will roll and "back crawl" until something stops her (a couch, wall, etc). She really gets around. And I wishI could show you how she crawls on her back, but she basically uses her feet to push herself where she wants to go. It is a little weird, but it works for her.
  • Went sledding one day
  • Visited Walmart and Dairy Queen a few times. If you have ever been to my home town, there isn't much to do. Plus, it was cold and wet most of the time. So we stayed indoors a lot.
  • Spent time with my awesome family.
  • Decorated Gingerbread houses Christmas Eve.
  • Ate TONS of good food
  • Visited 2 of my high school friends--Lauri and Ang. It was good catching up.
  • CHRISTMAS. It was a great Christmas. My parents spoiled Devin. I seriously unpacked all of his toys and our house looked like a bomb had gone off in the middle of Toys R Us. I honestly couldn't function, so I bought one of those little toy/bin organizers from Target and now everything has a place. Jared got a bat. I am not kidding when I say he was more excited about that bat than when Addie was born. He was also pretty excited about getting all 3 seasons of Arrested Development (and a Bluth Banana Stand T-Shirt) which we watched while we were there with my mom.
  • Jared took Devin on the quad. They ran out of gas about a mile from the house. My dad rescued them.
  • Family party with my dad's side of the family.
  • Left to come home Sunday

We had fun! It is also good to be home. I have a lot to do this week because--DEVIN STARTS PRE-SCHOOL NEXT MONDAY. Am I so lame that this makes me a little sad? Like most days I would kill for someone to take him for a few hours. But now that I have less than a week before he starts I wish he weren't growing up so fast. But this is going to be so good for him.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my two front (or bottom) teeth

Seriously Addie was a beast lat night. Major grumpiness. Screaming. Not sleeping. Nothing seemed to calm her down, so I gave her some Tylenol and that finally worked. Today I just noticed she has TWO teeth (the bottom). I guess that explains last night.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hell has Frozen Over

I know, I know, Vegas isn't really hell (although some days in the summer it sure feels like it). It has been snowing all day here!

Our front yard--if you can call it a yard.
Getting ready for round 2
Jared's work of art. They came home and Jared was like, "You have to go look at the snowman I built. It is bigger than me!" It really was huge. Good work honey.
I took this without the flash, which is why it looks yellow. But I think it shows the snow much better.

Carousel and Bellagio

When Jared was growing up it was a tradition for his family to drive down to Seattle and ride the monorail to the West Lake Center where they would ride the carousel. When we are in Snohomish for Christmas it is one of my favorite things we do. But even when we aren't in Washington we uphold the tradition and instead of the West Lake Center we hit up the outlet mall.

That took about 30 minutes so we decided to go to the conservatory at the Bellagio which is always decorated to fit the season. It was a great night to go--usually it is very crowded but it wasn't very bad at all.

A very nice tourist asked to take our picture. Thanks random lady!

And we tried a new little dessert at the bakery they have right around the corner. Raspberry cheesecake wrapped in white chocolate. Yum. Yum. Yum.

EIKES! As I speak (blog) it is snowing! Yes my friends, in VEGAS.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ethel M

Last night we went to Ethel M--a cactus garden/chocolate factory here in Vegas. Every year they go all out and decorate the cactus gardens with Christmas lights. We have made it a tradition to go every year.

Looking very confused at first

Another year where Devin is afraid of Santa. You can see out last two attempts here.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Clark County Heritage Museum

Now if that isn't an exciting blog title, what is? Blog does sound like "blah" with a g, so I figure it is fine. But enough of that randomness.

My friend Steph and I took Devin and Hannah (and Adalynn of course) to a fun little museum I have heard about. It was fun, not at all museum-ish. It was all outside. They had old trains, an old neighborhood with cute little old fashioned houses, and a ghost town. The kids were just running all over the place. And being the bad mom I am, I was letting Devin climb onto everything in sight (until the museum lady told us it was a "look only"--then I made sure she wasn't around when he climbed onto things).

Anytime we go somewhere "special" Devin has to wear this hat.

Isn't she the cutest thing ever? And I really like this picture in black and white so I posted them both.

Monday, December 1, 2008

4 months, 3 years, and a New Christmas Tradition

Today I had Addie's 4 month checkup. And because I am crazy I decided to also do Devin's 3 year check at the same time. Actually, even though we were there a while, and Devin was jumping off the walls (he really was), it is better than having to go back. Right?

Here are Adalynn's stats:

Weight--14.7 pounds (50% percentile)
Height--25 inches (75% percentile)

Devin weighs 34 pounds (75%) and is 38 inches tall (50%).

And I just love this idea so I had to share. You basically wrap 24 Christmas books and unwrap one a night (and read of course) until Christmas. I has quite a few on hand, but had to check some out from the library to get 25. Oh and you could even do activities with some. I have the Christmas Orange book and I thought we could eat an orange after. And one book I have is about a gingerbread man, so we might make gingerbread guys that day. Maybe I just want to eat because all my activities have to do with food. But you get the idea. I love Christmas and I think this will be a fun tradition while I have young kids.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Thanksgiving Awards

Just some awards I thought of for our Thanksgiving this year.
(A lot of the pics are from my sister-in-law Sam who took over 400 pictures--Thanks Sam!)

"Best Traveler"

Didn't make a peep the whole time. Which is why we looove his DVD player. Oh and the Worst Traveler award goes to...ADALYNN. Cried a good part of the drive. Thankfully it was only about 2 hours.

"Best House"
For Thanksgiving this year Jared's family all met in St. George. We stayed in a super nice home (worth 2.5 million) which was amazing. I loved it!

"Best View"

"Cutest Babies"
We were so excited to get these two girls together. Lexi is only 2 weeks older than Addie. And she is amazingly cute. I looove her. It was fun taking pictures of them together. Sam made their tutus--so cute!

"Best Facial Expression"
Goes to Lexi. Hands down.

"Best Toy"
It got the babies attention every time.

"Best Thanksgiving Dinner"
Dinner was de-lish!

"Best Birthday Party"
Devin turned 3 on Thanksgiving. We celebrated with Wall-E ice cream cake and some presents on Friday though.

"Cheesiest Grin"
I bet you thought Devin would win this one. It was close, but Aaron took the win.

"Cutest Sisters"
Michelle and Andi. Yes, they are gorgeous.

"The Hottie Award"

We got some family pictures taken while we were there. This is just one I took of Andi and Josh.

"Best Handoff"

"Best Grandpa"
Jared's dad will all his grandkids.

"Best Group Hug"

Best "Outlaws"

"Best Spider Impression"

"Best Scream"

I have never in my life heard a baby scream the way Addie does. It is ear piercing.

"Best Cross Dressers"
It is my goal to get as many embarrassing pictures of these two together. Think of all the fun we will have when they are teenagers.

"Best Couple"
We played the Celestial Companion game while we were there and JOSH and his roommate KYLE did amazingly well. Way better than Jared and I.

"Worst (and Best) Bowler"
Jared was the best and Devin was the worst. In case you were wondering.

"Most White Trash Thing I did"

Yes, yes. I am nursing. In the bowling Alley. Yet another reason why I would love it if Adalynn took a bottle.

"Best Freak out"

"Best Crash"

"Cutest Baby in a Swimsuit"

She loved the hot tub.

"Best Temple"
Isn't the St. George Temple wonderful! We went the last night to see the lights. It was a nice way to end our trip.