Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

I know, I know it's not officially Halloween, but after this weekend, we are pretty much done (other than renting Hocus Pocus and watching it while Jared studies, of course).
Devin was a cowboy for Halloween--I debated for a while what he should be, and looked around at the Halloween stores, and I decided to go with the cowboy getup which was great because it didn't cost a penny. And he got to carry a gun, so he was happy. We had two parties that we attended...the first was a party Jared's law school buddy threw and the other was the ward trunk or treat.

He kept dipping his gun into the frosting and then putting it in his mouth to lick it off...I just kept thinking, "That looks so bad" Way to teach about gun safety.

I think Devin still harbors bad feelings toward Daniel from out San Fransisco trip.

Bobbing for apples. Devin first threw his hat into the water, and then in went the rest of him. The little girl in the background was like, "That little boy is so funny." I'm glad someone thought it was funny.

And a day is not complete unless Hannah and Devin are able to see each other

You just don't know how many pictures it took to get one of him smiling--with his hat on--and looking in the general direction of the camera.

Enjoying the fruits of his labor. He ate so much candy! But not before Jared and I picked out the good stuff for ourselves.

Last but not least...a little blast from the past. I just found this little number and it made me laugh. This was Jared, his roommate, my roommate Laura, and me...obviously. We were so proud of our costumes--and even though I look so goofy with my super short hair, I think I made a pretty great Velma.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My cousin Jenny introduced me to digital scrapbooking and I love it! It is wonderful. I used to scrap book (paper) back at BYU, but it gets expensive and I never liked my pages once they were done. Plus I take way too many pictures to keep up with it.
But with the digital, I can put in my pictures, choose backgrounds, add embellishments and text, and change it as many times as I want. And it doesn't take as much time because you aren't cutting and gluing (Did I spell that right? It just looks wrong to me). Also, once you are done you send them your book and they print it and bind it, so it looks all fancy and professional. I guess the photo books are a little expensive, but worth it. I finished my first book about Devin's first year of life and now I am working on a book about Jared's mom. The files are mega big--so I included just a few pages to show everyone.

This is the cover.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not quite Matha...yet

Today Devin and I put our culinary skills to the test and made some Halloween cupcakes. He just loves to "help" me in the kitchen, so I thought he would enjoy this. And he did, of course.

I tried and tried to get orange frosting, but no matter what I did it still looked like salmon. I think I am going to get the super fancy frosting dye for next time.

Like Father, Like Son

This just made me laugh.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

How could I forget?

Oh yes, and BYU won...How could I forget that detail? The final score was 24 to14.

So Rise and Shout the Cougars are out....

Last night we went to the BYU/UNLV football game here in Vegas. Which was like going to a BYU home game there were so many BYU fans. I felt like we were in Provo again--that is Provo with a lot of beer. I really don't like sitting next to people who are drinking (even thought they do become very entertaining). First of all, beer reeks. Secondly, 9 times out of 10 if you are sitting next to someone who is drinking you are going to get it on you (Yes I got it all over my shoe). Basically it got everywhere. Last night after these people had left, the left beer all over the benches and the first thing Devin goes for is that beer. It was all over his hands and clothes. Thankfully, he wasn't licking his hands or anything.
But even better than the drunks was the cute little group of BYU students sitting 2 rows in front of us. So energetic! It made me miss my Provo days and going to games all the time. I even miss being a student sometimes. Which is why I am going to take a class at the community college next semester...but that is for another blog.
Here are some pictures from last night. I tried and tried to get one of Devin smiling. He looks annoyed in every picture, but he actually had a fabulous time and he was so cute. Every time the crowd would cheer (whether it was for BYU or UNLV), he would start clapping and shout "Yea!"

Seriously, all BYU fans. It was great!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

You guys are screwed....

And that when all hope was lost.

The other day I unknowingly did something very random to our computer. I was working on some scrap booking and I tried to download an update for the software I use. It seemed harmless enough, right? I have no idea what I did...and to be honest I am not even sure I can explain what happened but all of the icons on our computer were changed to adobe acrobat so when you tried to open something it wouldn't open. After trying everything he could think of (other than kicking the computer and swearing at it), Jared decided to call PC Medic Pros. The next day our little computer friend arrived. He was just what you would expect. A skinny, lanky, computer type with his Red Bull in hand. The first thing he said after he looked at our computer was, "Whoa." I was pretty sure that was not a good sign. He went to work and an hour later he let me know that, "You guys are screwed." Thankfully it wasn't a virus, but basically what we had to do was wipe everything off our computer and start from the beginning. Somthing about Vista not letting go of the problem. We were able to save things first, like our pictures and music, but now poor Jared has to reinstall everything. Arggggg. I guess the good thing is...we didn't loose anything (I think). The bad thing...the computer guy was $75 and hour. And he made fun of us for having net nanny on our computer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A very festive Devin

Halloween is just around the corner and Devin is looking oh so ready for it. Actually, I just had to show off a little because I made the pants he is wearing while I was in AZ. They were so easy to make and actually completing them has motivated me to pull out my sewing machine and start sewing some more. I already have a few projects in mind...wish me luck.

Home from AZ

Devin and I are home from AZ. We had so much fun! Growing up, I never realized how cool my house is, but it really hit me this time. Probably because Devin was so entertained and I did not have to do a thing other than follow him around outside. Yes, Devin had a blast. It was perfect fall weather, so we were outside most of the day doing all sorts of things. Here is a little breakdown of our trip.

First of all Devin loved the goats. At least a couple times a day we had to go there and feed them (or poke them with a stick). We always left smelling like goat, but it was like having a little petting zoo so it was worth it.

The other thing Devin loved was the 4-wheeler. As soon as we went outside he ran as fast as he could (have I ever mentioned that Devin looks like Donald Duck when he runs?) to them. He figured out how to turn them on and switch gears so he thought he was pretty smart for figuring that out. Anyways, much time was spent on the 4-wheelers.

This is in the orchard.

My home...I am clutching my heart right now.

Being attacked with silly string...

Walking around

Dad giving Devin a haircut...but the end of the haircut Devin was thrashing around wildly, with pieces of hair in his mouth and eyes, my dad was getting frustrated, eventually my dad had to hold Devin's head while James went to town with the clippers, and I thought the whole event was pretty normal.

James and Breanne getting Devin ready for bed.
Oh I love this thing. We had to drive to Glendale which is about a 2 hour drive. Devin watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He would get all excited and put his hand over his mouth like he was surprised ever time he would see the mirror. Then he would point and show me and go "Ohhhhhhh."

And of course a trip to Payson is not complete, until we have visited the DQ. Like his mother, Devin's weakness is ice cream.

Saying good bye to Grandpa at his office

Monday, October 1, 2007

New Picture

I recently took Devin to get his pictures taken at Target. Since Jared and I are poor, I have discovered coupons and use them as much as I can. We have tried a few restaurants only because we had a coupon, not necessarily because that was where we wanted to eat at....I think that is why we ended up eating Greek food one day and we both discovered that we aren't fans of hummus. Anyways, target e-mailed me a coupon for a free 8 x 10 and after that each sheet was only 3.99--which is a good deal. I would know. I have taken Devin just about everywhere and most places charge $16-20 for one sheet. So here in one of the pictures.