Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Too funny to pass up...

I just went to Calley's blog and couldn't stop laughing! So I copied her (like I always do) and created the Christensen Elf Family. Just in case you were wondering the guy at the end is my dad. Check it out.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mr. Devin Turns 2!

I can't believe this little guy is already 2! Since we were in AZ for Thanksgiving, we had a B-Day party there with family. Actually it was my Grandma's and Devin's Birthday, so we had a combined party for both of them--which is why the cake says Happy Birthday Mom and Devin. Unlike last year, Devin knew exactly what to do with the presents and had no problem opening them.
I took him to the park today, because he loves the park and tonight we went to Peter Piper Pizza to have dinner and play games, and Devin had a blast!! He was running around like a mad man having the time of his life. His favorite ride? Clifford. The big red dog. He didn't eat a bite of pizza (of course) but is eating right now and watching....you guessed it...Skrek.

Yes...we had an ice cream cake from DQ. For those of you who don't know, my dad owns the DQ in our town. Which we love of course. Until I come home and realize I gained 10 pounds during our visit.

Devin got a basketball hoop, a tee ball set, and Mr. Potato Head from my family. And Jared and I got him Shrek, a puzzle, some blocks, a microphone, and some other random things. He really likes it all. Thanks family!

Pit Barbecue

Every year my dad does a pit barbecue...basically he cooks turkeys in the ground overnight. It is fascinating to me that it actually works...and not only that, it cooks the best turkey ever!! It is so moist it literally falls off the bone. My dad started this quite a few years back, and now every Thanksgiving, he cooks about 20-30 turkeys. He is so sweet too, he buys them all and then just gives them away to people he works with and the people from Dairy Queen. It is quite the gathering. I thought I would show everyone some of the steps that go into doing this.

STEP 1: Round up some burley men. The burlier, the better. (My dad, Grandpa and Happy--our German friend)

STEP 2: Build a fire in the morning and keep adding wood to it all day.

STEP 3: Get some turkeys

STEP 4: Remove icky things from turkey (ie the neck and gizzard thing), spice them up, wrap in foil and then wet burlap sacks.

STEP 5: Throw turkeys in pit around 5:00 in the afternoon. Put on lid and cover lid with lots of dirt. (Sorry--no pictures for this step)

STEP 6: At 11:30 the next day, have your energetic cousins shovel all of the dirt off the lid.

STEP 7: Like I said, let the cousins do all of the work. Everyone else can just stand by and watch. STEP 8: Take the lid off...lots of steam, so be careful (My dad told me that you can actually cook food in the pit for up to 2 weeks it gets so hot).
STEP 9: Distribute turkeys. Make sure you get one for your family though. The past two years random people showed up, and my family ended up having their turkey stolen. Yes, my dad was ticked. According to my siblings it is a sore subject that you just don't bring up around dad.

STEP 10: Eat of course.

And that is the inside story about pit barbecues.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This year for Turkey Day we went to AZ to be with my family. We were planning to just stay in Henderson since Jared had some major assignments due, but my Grandma came this year, and she had never met Devin, so we made the trip and I am so glad we did. Having a lot of family around makes holidays that much more fun. My dad did his famous pit barbeque...which I will tell you about in the next post. And basically we had a great time!

Our family on Thanksgiving. There is something about wearing an apron that makes it look like you have been working very hard. Which is why I wore it of course.
Me, my sister Jen, and my sister-in-law Josy
Sisters. Those bangs of mine annoyed me all day I tell you.
And this is my Grandma (my mom's mom). She is the best!
Jennifer and James (my sister and brother)

Devin was such a brat during this picture. He was screaming and kicking. I was really frustrated...and now that I am looking at this pictures I am laughing. I love how half of the people are smiling and the other half is looking at Devin like whats your deal?

My sister Jen took this picture and wanted to be in it. Which explains the finger.

Right before the BYU UTAH game.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Val's Camera November 2005-November 2007 RIP

Well, I am having a camera catastrophe (nice alliteration, I know). We bought our camera (well, my Dad bought our camera) 2 years ago, and with it we bought the warranty. One of the switches was loose--the one that you switch to open the battery compartment, and I wanted it cleaned, so I took it in. They told me about 2 weeks because they send them out. Two weeks passed and some lady from Connecticut called and told me that the part that was loose was completely broken off and the warranty didn't cover that (curse warranties--doesn't it always seem that the one thing that happens is NEVER covered? I have made a vow to never again buy the warranty for just this reason). I would have to pay $150 to have it fixed. Arggg. I was so mad. Correction. I am so mad. I gave Best Buy and the poor lady from Connecticut a piece of my mind and am having them send it back...unfixed. I am sure I could get a new camera for that price. That just might be my Christmas present this year. We have so much coming up this week too...Devin is going to meet my Grandma for the first time, Thanksgiving, Devin's 2nd birthday...it would be nice to have our camera. Oh well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I have been trying to figure out how to add videos to my blog, and so far this was the only one that worked. Well this one and a pretty awesome In Living Color/MC Hammer clip. But, I still can't figure out how to add home videos. So if anyone knows, send me a message.


I really miss my camera...I had a fun weekend with my parents and Josh, but have no pictures to document the fun times. I should get it back sometime this week. Then it is off to Arizona for a Redneck Thanksgiving. And then Devin's birthday. So you can expect some pretty sweet posts after Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I've been blog tagged

I never do these things...probably because they take so long. I seriously sit and think and think about something witty to say, which usually just comes out lame, but I was chastised this morning for not responding, so I better behave myself and get it done.

The rules:
A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leave them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I used to be a lot more outgoing and wild. Not a bad wild. Just really hyper, I guess. This was in high school and college. Since I got married, I have mellowed out a bit in that department.
2. I enjoy reading, trying new recipes, learning new things, and taking pictures.
3. I am taking a photography class at the community college next semester so I am excited about that.
4. Habits??? I can't say if I have any really bad habits. I don't pick up after myself as much as I could...which is why our apartment is a hole most of the time. But I blame that on Devin of course. (This is not our apartment)
5. I guess I will talk about my "crush" as well. Of course, there is Harrison Ford. Not old Harrison Ford--young Indiana Jones/Han Solo. I liked him so much a friend bought me his little action figure. And then there is also Carlos Moreno. He was on the BYU men's volleyball team while we were there. I still have the magnet of him on our fridge and he was our screen saver for quite some time.

6. Lastly, I check my e-mail many times a day. Seriously, I check it about 5 times a day. Maybe more.

I only have 4 friends and since CalCakes is out, I blog tag Jessica and Rachel.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our top 10 things to do in Vegas...if you are ever in the area

Since my camera is being fixed/cleaned. I thought I would create a list of our the best things we have done since living here.

1. Fountains at the Bellagio: Probably my favorite thing because it is free. Anytime we have family in town, watching the fountains is a must. We have been so many times and every time we have seen a different show.
2. Wax Museum: I just liked how interactive the whole thing was. They let you get right up to the wax people and touch them and get your pictures taken. It was fun. If you are into the whole celebrity thing, which for some reason, even though celebs annoy the heck out of me, I am.

3. Bodies Exhibit: I LOVED this! I learned so much in the hour we were there, and wasn't bored once. I seriously left with a new appreciation of the human body and how amazing it is. They don't let you take pictures, so here is one courtesy of the Internet.

4. KA (at the MGM): the first time I went and saw the show I was with my good friend Stephanie. They had an extra ticket and invited me. Oh my goodness, we had front row seats--and just about right in the center. I think if we were to buy those same tickets they would have been 150 per person. I loved everything about the show. The best thing, in my opinion, was the music and the stage. The stage rotated and turned and...it is hard to explain, but the picture shows a little what I mean. My friend Stephanie and I took our husbands for their birthdays, and although the seats weren't as good the second time, we still had fun (A night away from Devin is always awesome)

5: MYSTERE (another Cirque Du Soleil show): They let you take kids to this one, so when our friends Doug and Laura came for a visit (and their new baby Ezra) we took the whole gang there. Tickets weren't too bad--thanks to Doug and his sweet military discount. The show was fun..Jared liked it more that KA. And I prefer KA a little more.

6: Tournament of the Kings: Went with Jared's brother, Josh and had so much fun! You get dinner (yes, you must eat with your hands) and basically watch a tournament. Devin loved it!

7. Fremont Street: They had a bunch of random things and a lot of Souvenir shops, Deep fried twinkies and oreos for .99 (Yes we bought one...ughhhh), and the worlds largest big screen TV.

8: Lion Exhibit: This kinda depends on when you go...we have been while the lions are asleep and that is a little boring. Actually I think once we were there and there weren't any lions at all. But if the lions are awake and active, that is the time to go.
9: Buffet Eating: Jared's personal favorite thing to do. The most expensive buffet we have been to was at the MGM ($26 per person) and the cheapest at Palace Station (10.99 and yuck!). Our fav? The Rio. I am not even kidding, this buffet is HUGE. It literally never ends. And the quality is good.
10: Caesars Palace: It is just fun to talk around the shops. But it makes me feel very poor. Last time my family came to town we went into Louis Vutton and seriously felt like white trash. We were like, "How much is that purse?" The lady told us 800. Eikess. Actually that was probably one of the cheaper ones. I promise, even if I do have a lot of money one day...I will never spend that much money on a purse.

And that's all folks.