Thursday, December 14, 2017


October was busy and crazy! Day camp, Halloween, basketball, volleyball, soccer, piano, scouts and activity days kept us pretty busy. We had quite a few Halloween parties. The school put on a carnival this year. We also went to two ward trunk-or-treats (I didn't take pictures at those though).

 Carving Pumpkins 

 A little treat for the teachers
 At the school parade

 On Halloween night right before trick-or-treating. All three kids wanted to be someone from Harry Potter. Devin was quidditch Harry Potter, Adalynn was Hermoine and Lyla was Luna Lovegood. 
A few from the studio 

 And a few from Hogwarts! 

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Jared found out a few months ago that he might have to go to Orlando for work. He mentioned that it might be fun to make a little family trip out of it (his firm pays for his flight and we have a companion pass which means I fly free too. So we just pay for the kids and we have so many points that was free too). 

We didn't tell the kids until the day we left. They knew we were going somewhere, they did not know where. I bought them all a Disney shirt and bought them some treats for the plane and they opened it right before we left. I think Devin was the most excited. 

We arrived Thursday night. Jared had to work all day Friday so the kids and I hung out at the hotel. We lucked out because the hotel had a little water park, free mini golf, and Swan paddle boats. So there was plenty to do while Jared worked. 

Our building was PP which made the kids laugh. 

The next day we went to Magic Kingdom.

The next day we went to Hollywood Studios. I was excepting it to be similar to California Adventure. It was a bit of a disappointment. There were only three rides and a few shows. 

Getting souvenir pennies. 

The kids were so excited to do this ride and it was closed all day. Bummer. 

There was no Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, but there was an Indiana Jones stunt show and we all really loved that. 

Our last day, we went back to Magic Kingdom for a few hours before it got busy. 

We left Magic Kingdom and spent the rest of the day at Animal Kingdom. I wish we had just spent all day there. We really enjoyed this park.