Monday, October 3, 2016

September Happenings

This wasn't in September but I forgot to talk about our August pack meeting. We had a cub Olympics (thanks for the inspiration Sam). 
The invite
The kids walked in and got a bib. We split them into groups and had different events for them to compete in. I had the Olympics theme music playing when they walked in which was fun. And at the end we awarded each kids with a medal and we played the national anthem during that. 
I thought it was a fun night. 

September Pack meeting 
The invite...I glued little army men to the bottom.  
The theme this month was bravery, so an armed forces theme seemed appropriate. We have a lot of military in out ward, so we asked our awesome bishop to come and talk to the boys (he flies the big F16s for the air force). He is so great with the boys and talked to them about making good decisions, being prepared and being brave in today's world. 
We also have a kid in our ward that is in the ROTC. He did a demonstration which was fun. 
Then the boys went to Flight school (they made and flew paper airplanes), basic training (they did a few drills and an obstacle course), and they went to weapon training (they made marshmallow guns out of PVC pipe). I spray painted pvc pipe and the connectors to look like camouflage.
Jared was not there at the beginning so our webelos leader ran the meeting. 
We are in a mad rush to get everything done for Devin's arrow of light before his birthday in November. He got a lot of awards tonight. 
I really wanted to make camo cupcakes. They weren't nearly as cute as the ones from pinterest, but they weren't a pinterest fail either, so I call it a win. 
Adalynn started horse riding lessons. She has been begging for over a year and I finally signed her up. Adding one more thing to my plate seems crazy right now, but she LOVED it and was just grinning ear to ear the whole time. I really want each of my children to find something they are passionate about, whether it is a sport or music...something they love. She loves animals so much, this seems like something she might stick with. We will see. 
At the end of her lesson she got to take off the saddle and give him a shower. 
A few more pictures from my phone.
(I took a screen shot of Sam's snapchat)
Adalynn's first time singing in sacrament meeting with all the activity day girls and our Bishop
Doughnuts for breakfast
This year's 11 year old scouts at scout camp
Got to help in Lyla's classroom today. They made applesauce and made apple books. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adalynn's Baptism

Adalynn was baptized on Saturday September 3rd. 
It was a special day. We are so grateful to all our friends and family that came. 
A few pictures before her baptism.  
Our attempt at a cousin picture. HAHA
The only one looking and smiling is Devin. 
After the baptism we headed back to our house for lunch. 
She got some of the cutest baptism gifts. So very thoughtful of everyone. 
Here is the front of her program
Kristi gave the baptism talk and my mom gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. Both did a wonderful job. Jared baptized and confirmed her. 
There was one point when I looked down at her and she was in tears. It took me by surprise so I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me and told me, "I'm just so happy." I love that her heart was so full on this special day.
 I really love her invitation. 
I'm so, so grateful for Adalynn. She has always been a great kid--even her toddler years were so easy. She has a sweet, tender spirit--she cares so much about other people. She is obedient. I never have to ask her to do her homework or practice the piano. She just gets home and does it and I'm grateful for that. She is helpful and is aware of when I need her help them most. She strives to be good and make good decisions. She is cute and funny and is a true joy to have around.  
I am grateful for her decision to be baptized. I love the little lady she is becoming. I love that I am her mom and am able to teach her, but more often, and especially lately, I am not teaching, but learning from her.  

Back To School

Back To school dinner
This year we went with a theme..."Bee."
We talked about all the things we wanted to "bee" this school year. I love taking this day before school to talk about our goals and dreams as well as ways we can be helpful and kind.  
Here is a few of our decorations.  
The kids requested Indian Fry Bread and cupcakes. 
After dinner, Jared gave the kids father's blessings.
What a special night!

Now onto the first day of school! I was not looking forward to this day. I was just fine having Devin and Adalynn leave (I love them, but man, I was so done with the the fighting this summer), but sending Lyla off to full day kinder had me all emotional. Part of was I was worried how she would do---but mostly it was me feeling bad that all my kids are in school all day. I was struggling thinking, what do I do now? 
Do I get a job? 
If I get a job, how can I find one that still allows me to be at home when they are home?
Should I teach? 

I don't really have any answers yet. I am SUPER busy with my calling right now--I'm planning activity day camp for all the girls in our stake. So, until that is over, I am good! And 6 hours goes by a lot faster than I thought. But I'm still sad that I no longer have any littles home with me during the day. 

Moving are a few pictures from the first day of school. 
She always has to get a picture with her dog. 
This was them 2 years ago. 
They've both grown so much! 
All three
And now the annual First Day of School pictures by our wall. 
First, Devin! 
My-lanta! Where did my little guy go?! 

And last but not least, my little Lyla bug!