Thursday, September 17, 2020

Back to School Dinner

This is such a weird year for school. But I still decided I wanted to do a back to school dinner. We did it on Sunday. Our theme this year was taken from a recent talk that Elder Uchtdorf gave. It was titled "You are the hero of your own story." It was SO good. We watched his talk and I had the kids highlight things that stood out to them. We talked about those things after the talk. I had them pick three things they especially liked and write them on these cards and put them in their rooms as a reminder this school year. 
He talked about working hard, never giving up, and he reminded us that we are never alone and that Heavenly Father is only a prayer away. 
I made each kid one of these.

The table 

We had Bat Wings and Avengers pizza for dinner. 
We also had hulk juice, Thor's hammers, and Captain America's shields for sides. 

Jared also gave all the kids fathers blessings.

Monday, September 7, 2020


I can't believe it is already September. July felt like it was yesterday. 

Birthday gifts from Grandma

Had to document a really yummy dinner I made. We had pork tacos with a mango pineapple salsa. Everyone gave it a 10 (which is rare). 

Claire not feeling well (this was right after Brian Head). It took her a few days to get back to normal.
Lots and lots of swimming

Wearing a cute headband Josy bought her. 
Addie turned 12!
It was kinda a lame birthday. We had guys installing carpet all day so we couldn't go anywhere. Then she had practice that night. We celebrated that night. Then a few days later we went out for sushi. 

A few pics of the new carpet! 

Lyla, Devin and I tried to fill her room with balloons while she was at volleyball. It doesn't look like it but this was at least 100 balloons. Wasn't as filled as we wanted but it was still fun to surprise her. (Lyla even gave me some of her own money to put in some of the balloons). 
This was later that night. They were playing minecraft with Tyler. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Brian Head

Jared's dad planned a little getaway for a few days up in Brian Head. Gosh, it was nice seeing our family and it is always nice getting out of the Vegas heat. We arrived Sunday night. 

Monday morning we had a few things we wanted to see/do. First was an ice cave Justin went to as a kid. 

These two got really car sick on the drive there. They are smiling here but they were pretty miserable. 

This was the entrance to the cave. It was cold inside the cave but no ice. Or maybe there was ice, but everything was covered in dirt/mud/sticks. 

There were lots of sheep in the meadows. Addie really wanted to touch one so we had her jump out of the car and try to. They were fast though. 

Utah being a show off again. So pretty! 
Josh and Travis

Sam is so good about getting group pictures. 

We next hiked to a waterfall (Cascade Falls). The hike was easy and quick and there were very pretty views. 

Everyone LOVED Claire. She got a lot of attention. 

We then went to Navajo Lake. We ate lunch and got the kayaks out and then a huge storm rolled in with thunder and lightening so we left. 

Stopped at one of the Cedar Breaks viewpoints on the way back to the condo. 

We got back to the condo and took the kids swimming. Grateful the pool was still open and that the limit was 20 people (one pool the kids and I went to had a limit of 5 people. Stupid covid.) 

Devin's room was a porch that was converted to a room. We were three floors up so he was right in the trees. It was kinda cool (except when there was lightening---Devin said that was a little freaky). 
My poor, poor baby was actually pretty miserable the whole time we were there. So up to this point she had 4 teeth come in with no problems at all. Her front top middle teeth gave her so many problems while we were there. She was SO grouchy, had a fever, did not sleep well and refused to eat. She was also biting me constantly while nursing (ouch!). I felt bad cause she was miserable but also because everyone wanted to hold her and play with her and she was not having it. She is normally a happy little thing (very clingy to me, but pretty happy). So that was a bummer. 
Tuesday we went on another hike to a different waterfall. This was the Hidden Haven trail. It was a pretty hike and the end was fun.

Sam aka "Ariel" 

We went back to Navajo Lake for a re-do. Today was warm and no storms in sight. We were there for a couple hours. The water was way too cold.

Tuesday night we had a golf tournament. There were three rounds...

The final round. 
Devin was stressing the entire time. He wanted to win so bad. 
Justin was the champion. 
Wednesday morning we all left for home. But first we went to Brian Head Peak. There were some stunning views from the top. 

We also went to the Cedar Breaks National Monument. This place is so cool. 

We actually were going to stay a day or two in St. George and then go home, but because Claire was so miserable we stopped to swim and then went home. Don't let these smiley pictures fool ya...she was one grouchy baby.