Wednesday, June 20, 2018


At the end of May we left for our trip. The plan was to fly into Boston, stay there for a day then drive up to Maine and be there for the week. Then drive back down to Boston and spend 2 more days there before leaving for home. We always seem to have the worst luck with flights. The flight we were supposed to be on was cancelled and they put us on another flight, which was fine, but we got in late. By the time we got our rental car and checked into the hotel it was 3 A.M. We woke up the next morning and made our way into the city. 

First time on the subway 
We started at Boston Public Garden. We rode the swan boats first then found the make way for the ducklings statue. (Lyla and I read the book on the plane). 

I made the kids run up to acorn street.

We then went to the Boston Common where the Freedom Trail starts. 

Massachusetts State House 

Park Street Church was closed but got a picture of the outside. 
Granary Burying ground

Kings Chapel 

Freedom trail 
 Old State House 

Site of Boston Massacre
Holocaust Memorial 

North End 

Lunch at Limoncello

Paul Revere House 

 Paul Revere statue

Old North church was closed so we didn't make it to that. 
We went to Mike's pasty and picked out some tummy treats and headed to Christopher Columbus park to eat them. 

 Riding the subway back to our hotel 
The next day we went to the USS constitution

Next, we walked up to Bunker Hill to climb the monument (all 294 steps)
View from the top 

After the monument, we made our way up to Maine! Maine will be a separate post but here is the rest of the time we were in Boston...

We left Maine in the morning and got back to Boston with a few hours to kill. The kids went swimming, then we went into the city for a Red Sox game. 

The next morning we went to the Boston Temple 
We went to Lexington and visited the Minute Man Museum. The video they show is wonderful. 

 We then rented a canoe and went down the river to the Old North Bridge. 

At the bridge

We went swimming again then went to see Overboard

Our last day! (I didn't take many pictures today!)
We went to the aquarium. 
We then had lunch and went to Modern Pasty. We walked back to the park, ate our pasties then headed to the airport.

And just like getting here, going home was a pain. We had to sit on the plane forever because of bad weather in Baltimore. We missed our connection so we had to catch a later flight. We got home late!